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Google Algorithm Changes & Updates in 2014

Posted by spindogs on 19th Dec 2014 in online marketing

2014 has been quite a busy year for Google engineers, with the roll out of multiple major changes to the algorithms that are used to decide what websites are the most relevant to search queries. Here’s an overview of the changes that you need to be aware of.

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Spindogs top videos from 2014!

Posted by spindogs on 17th Dec 2014

We love video here at Spindogs HQ! Check out some of our top picks from 2014!

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Developers – start them when their young!

Posted by spindogs on 3rd Dec 2014

This year, a revolution for schools was announced to sweep through the education system in England. It involves a new way of teaching kids about computing – rather than teaching children how to physically use a computer, children will now have the opportunity to learn programming skills.

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Tech News for November

Posted by spindogs on 28th Nov 2014

The tech world changes quicker than we can say, "Spindogs", so we have created a handy list of the news you might have missed in November!

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Meet Ceri!

Posted by spindogs on 24th Nov 2014

Ceri Bower joined the team on the 17th November as our new Project Manager! Here is how she found her first week...

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