Timber Hill

Explore and experience the natural beauty of Pembrokeshire


Timber Hill is a family run self-catering holiday site, based on the coast of Pembrokeshire National Park. It is home to a small group of Canadian cedar wood lodges and welcomes holiday makers to its surroundings every year.


Timber Hill used to attract their customers through brochures or word of mouth, but were now looking for a modern website that would showcase the natural beauty of their accommodation and the surrounding areas. The new website also needed to be fully responsive as they noticed that their customers were accessing the website via mobile phones on their way to Timber Hill.

Finally, they were keen to drive more enquiries from their website, as they realised that the target market were turning to online resources for booking and information.


We have developed a website that helps the user to explore and experience the natural beauty of Timber Hill through full width imagery, video feeds and a clear navigation. This immersive experience appeals to potential customers looking for an escape and encourages them to enquire.

One of Timber Hill’s objectives was to increase enquiries so we designed a simple ‘Contact Us’ call to action that would appear throughout the site, alongside a more bespoke enquiry page that would allow users to make specific enquiries about dates and availability. We also felt it was important to create a blog, as this can be a place to showcase all the local attractions and keep the site up to date with relevant information.

All of the elements in the new website are focussed on maintaining a high Google ranking.


The website went live during July 2015 and within a few weeks Timber Hill have already seen the number of enquiries rise. They have also seen their users engaging with the bespoke enquiry form and this has had a positive effect on their business as they are able to respond to questions efficiently.


"With the changing pace of Internet advertising leaving us somewhat behind, we realised that we required a more interactive website that although modern, would still reflect the more traditional holiday theme in our very natural environment.  This brief has in our opinion been carried out perfectly and the feedback from our guests and enquirers has been positive.  It is beautifully designed and effectively developed."- John and Annette Bauer, Proprietors of Timber Hill