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From creating new pages to editing the header images on a page, the Spindogs content management system (CMS) offers a great deal of flexibility and control to its users. However, we understand that getting to grips with a new CMS can be a daunting prospect and this is why we’re always here to help!

Whether you’re completely terrified of making changes in the CMS or just a little hesitant, here are 10 top tips that will fill you with confidence the next time you log in!

1. Recycling bin

If you’ve accidentally deleted a page, don’t panic! In the admin area, navigate to Tools -> Recycling Bin and you will see two options called Page Bin and Item Bin. These areas keep a log of all deleted pages and items. Simply click Enable beside the page/item to bring it back

2. Preview page

Within the Menu Manager or Module, beside every page sits a magnifying glass icon. When clicked, this allows you to preview the page which is especially useful if you have recently updated the content. The preview option also works for pages that are still in draft.

3. File library

Do you need to upload a file or some images straight away? Navigate to Tools -> File Library and click the Upload button in the top right. This button links straight to the files on your computer so that you can quickly upload files in bulk.

4. Spell check

Whilst editing a page, click Tools in the grey controls above the content box and enable spell check by clicking spellcheck as you type. This will underline any typo’s you make with a red line.

5. Re-ordering pages

Are you looking to boost the presence of a page by moving its position in the menu? You can do this by clicking the up and down arrows in the Reorder column within the admin area. When you’re happy with the new placement, simply click Save and the change will be made instantly.

6. Draft or live

When new pages are created in the CMS you can decide when it becomes live. You can do this by finding the page in the Menu Manager or Module and changing the box under Status from red to green. If the box is green, that indicates that the page is live.

7. Quick find

If you are unsure of where to find a page or item in the CMS, there is a handy Quick Find in the top right hand corner. This provides a dropdown of everything related to what you’re searching for. It’s a great time saver if you have a lot of pages to look through!

8. Adding new admins

As long as you’re an administrator yourself, you can add as many admins as you wish by clicking the Administrators tab. By adding an admin you give them access to the CMS so they can edit content and create new pages.

9. Different formatting features

Remember to make your content look a bit more exciting by adding bullet points, numbered points, headings and sub headings. There should already be preset styles so make sure that you do not change these.

10. Spindogs contact button

If you’re ever stuck in the CMS and need some help you can simply click on the envelope icon and this will send a support request. The icon sits in the top right hand corner, next to Quick Find. Fill out the form and it will be sent to the Support Team. We will be more than happy to help!

If you would like more help with our CMS, we offer training sessions for new users. Just get in touch today and we can set up a meeting!

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