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There’s huge competition for digital retailers, especially compared to big names such as Amazon and eBay. Whether you want to promote your online store or drive sales for specific products, you need a strong Ecommerce sales strategy. Help improve the conversion rate by adding these enhancements to your site:

Mobile friendly shopping

Ensuring your Ecommerce site is mobile friendly should be on the top of your list. With huge increases in mobile traffic over recent years, phones and tablets are where a lot of of shopping happens. Invest in a responsive web design, so your website looks good on any device.

Simple checkout

Being able to quickly complete a purchase is another key driver of online sales. Consider offering a guest checkout to save customers the trouble of creating an account. A progress bar is another handy feature – it allows visitors to clearly see how far along the checkout process they are, and makes it easy for them to go back and make any changes.

Transparent about shipping

Free shipping is one of the biggest sales drivers online. Is this something you offer? Make sure you make this most of this service and clearly showcase it! In fact, even if you can’t afford to offer free shipping, be transparent about how much the delivery fee is from the start. Leaving this information out until checkout will put customers off.

Upsell before checkout

Similarly to real life retailers, make sure you are always offering online customers the option to purchase a premium product of a package before they hit ‘Confirm Payment’. Emphasise the different benefits when you’re offering an update as a way to justify the higher price point.

You can also upsell products post-purchase. Feature related items in your ‘Thank You’ email, perhaps even including a discount code as a sign that you value their custom.

Live chat

Having a live chat function is another key step to increasing sales. Not only does a chat save customers the trouble of having to call with questions, but it also allows you to do more. From sending page links to taking down billing details, it’s a simpler way of customer service that does more.

Security markers & trust badges

Now more than ever, having a secure website and all the badges to show for it is a selling point. The minimal website security requirement is the green padlocked https on top of the page. You also need an SSL certificate, as well as trust badges from big names such as PayPal and Google.

Customer reviews

People want to know what other people are saying. An Ecommerce goldmine is customer reviews, they are easy to collect via an automated follow-up email, and should be displayed proudly on your product pages. Having reviews from verified purchases will give potential customers a sense of trust and tip the scales towards them shopping with you.

Best sellers

Showcase what items people are buying the most. This will help give new visitors direction if they are ‘just browsing’ and inspire them to buy something they didn’t necessarily know they needed. You can also tweak these to display specific products you want to promote.

Integrate with social

  • Instagram: As one of the fastest growing social apps, Instagram is the perfect place for brands to connect with customers and influencers. In addition to mastering your organic presence through hashtags, well-timed posts and encouraging your followers to engage, you can now add products directly to your images and stories, allowing customers to quickly purchase items that catch their eye.
  • Facebook: Launching a Facebook shop is another strategy for integrating your Ecommerce with social. It’s straightforward to set up, and is another great way to showcase your products to a different audience.

Ship-Shape search

Having an efficient, highly visible search option is an essential part of keeping visitors on your Ecommerce site. Often referred to as the “Holy Search Box”, it will help users looking for a specific item find what they need. A site search function will also provide you with valuable data about the way visitors engage with your offering, which can help you optimise your website and marketing strategy.

Make sure the design of your home page is optimised, so your search bar is easy to spot as soon as customers land on your website. An added bonus would  be having an auto-populating site search which offers suggestions as visitor’s type.

Encourage email signups

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to generate online sales and repeat customers. That’s why you want to make signing up for your newsletter a priority on your website. Try an email signup pop up that captures visitors leaving your site – by offering them a particular perk such as a discount code or something of value  for free, you’re more likely to get them to subscribe.

Once you have the email database, make sure your email marketing is as effective as it can be. Your newsletter should be regular, useful and timely.

Reduce abandoned carts

To minimise the number of customers who add items to their carts but never make a purchase, consider an email recovery campaign. Quirky email subject lines and helpful customised content will encourage visitors to return to their carts and complete their purchase. This is another place where a discount code pop up could work wonders.

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