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In the second in our series of interviews with our online marketing team, here’s our digital campaign manager Scott telling you everything you need to know about his role, how we can help you with your next digital campaign and why it's so important to your digital marketing plans. 


Scott McCaffrey


Digital Campaign Management

Whys is your specialism important?

My specialism is important because it provides the basis and backbone of a successful digital marketing campaign. I help our clients map out an online strategy to reach a business goal, whether that’s to advertise services, sell products, build a brand or collect lead data, I’ll help identify the right online platforms for the right price, and determine the best way to reach target audiences and convert.

Tell us about your background and industry experience:

A degree in media production and a keen interest in technology, my first job was at a tech start-up company which specialised in website development and marketing services. I learnt the ropes there, focusing on email marketing, Google Ads, social advertising and SEO. Since then, I’ve chalked up 7 years of experience working within digital agencies, helping a wide variety of clients who specialise in a whole bunch of varying specialisms (everything from DNA extraction kits to leather sofas) meet their digital goals (whether that’s sales, leads, brand awareness or business growth).

Which clients do you work with:

African Conservation Experience, Credas, Polypouch, Direct Tile Warehouse, Authentic India Tours, BCS, The Indigo Group, 20Twenty

Can you tell us any stand out results of any projects you have worked on:

Polypouch – Moved from average search engine position of 430 to position 1 (Dec 2017 vs Dec 2018) for the search term ‘packaging companies UK’.

African Conservation Experience - Increased trip applications by 120% year on year with estimated £1.2m revenue increase

Credas – From 0 to 60 average monthly software sign ups a month

What 3 top tips would you give a client thinking about starting to use your service?

1. Understand your audience. Map out their personas and get to grips with likes and dislikes, and where they are most likely to exist on the web.

2. Based on your audience research, create a hook for your campaign that solves one of their problems, makes their lives easier or sparks their interest. Always focus on the value of what you’re offering – put yourself in their shoes (would you engage with your adverts?)

3.Identify the best platforms to deploy your campaign and have a clear conversion point. Your campaign should hook the audience in, and your conversion point (often a dedicated web page, called a landing page, where campaign traffic is sent to) should provide the final persuasion to sell, sign up, start a trial, book an appointment etc.

If you want to know more about how Spindogs can take your online marketing to the next level we would love to hear from you. Contact us today for a chat.

What services are you interested in?

What services are you interested in?






Scott McCaffrey
About Scott McCaffrey

Scott is our Online Marketing Account Manager and works hard to surpass client expectations and deliver incredibly successful Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing and Lead Generation. 

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