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Next in our series of meet the team blogs we shine the light on the content team. First up Polly, our in-house Content Editor. Polly tells us why her role is important and takes a look at some of the fantastic results she has driven for our clients and how she can help take your business to the next level.


Polly Angelova


Content Generation

Why is your specialism important?

We help clients keep their online presence fresh and relevant by creating content that is tailored to their audiences, marketing goals and search engine algorithms. From blogging, web content and meta data to email campaigns, brochures and larger content auditing projects, our content generation services are designed to help your brand connect with customers through genuine, useful copy that gets seen by both audiences and search engines.

Tell us about your background and industry experience:

With a BA in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies in Cardiff University Polly has since working with a wide variety of clients generating unique content that drives results.

Which clients do you work with:

Spindogs, Fritz Fryer, Thomas Lloyd, Chromatrap, SPC/Solseal, A Space in the City, Polypouch, Credas, The Indigo Group, CIWW, CNS, Direct Tile Warehouse, Ralph & Co

Can you tell us any stand out results of projects you have worked on:

Through content we have successfully increased organic rankings for the Credas service pages, SPC product pages and Thomas Lloyd blogs. Putting together content reviews and making content suggestions based on past performance for Thomas Lloyd and Fritz Fryer which resulted in  generating more and most importantly higher quality traffic.

Since the launch of the new Coffee#1 website, they’ve seen 57.8% increase in sessions (1,701,013), 35.2% increase in average time on page (2:40), 157.7% increase in newsletter sign-ups (2,327) and 484.2% increase in career alert sign ups (19,150) compared to the previous year.

What 3 top tips would you give for a client thinking about starting to use your service?

  1. Define your audiences – before we start creating content, consider who would be consuming it.
  2. Outline your goals – what do you want to achieve with your content (e.g. brand awareness, enquiries, conversions)?
  3. Find what works – think about the tone you want to adopt when you communicate with your audience. Then consider what format would work best e.g. list articles, in-depth guides, thought leadership, etc.

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What services are you interested in?

What services are you interested in?






Polly Angelova
About Polly Angelova

Polly is our Content Editor and makes sure that all of our clients receive exceptional online written content.

With a background in journalism, Polly enjoys the creativity involved when writing for a number of different businesses and brands.

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