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Not sure you are making the most of your Instagram account?

With 300 Million active users, Instagram has hit the app store by force since its launch in 2010. As visual content is becoming more popular with users, Instagram has become the home of ‘the selfie’ and brands are jumping on board and giving consumers a new insight into the lifestyles they represent. Not to mention that the tool also gives users a sneak peek into the lifestyles of celebs – brand ambassadors have never been so important!

If you’re looking to take a bite of the action on Instagram, we have 3 tips which will help to improve your channel.


1. Choose content wisely!


Make sure you have a content strategy. On a Friday map out your content for the next week ensuring you have your images, caption and hashtags ready. Choose 1-3 photos per day and post these sporadically throughout the day.


Don’t mass upload photos at one time. Doing this will only clog up users feeds with similar content and it will only irritate users, causing an unfollow effect.

2. Lose the hard sell

Users are tired of ads and look to social tools such as Instagram for fun content.


Instead of trying to sell your service or product immediately, try and show the user the benefits or results your product or service have had. Once users see this, they will be more likely to engage in conversation with you via the channel.


Include a phone number in your posts. EG ‘Phone 0800XXXXXXX for more information’ – if users are using Instagram they are likely to be looking for online communication.

 3. No ambiguity, be direct!


Explain your content to users by including a caption and relevant hashtags. If you want your users to interact with your post, ask questions. EG ‘Check out what our team got up to for #RedNoseDay – how did you get involved? #ComicRelief’


Don’t assume that your users will know what your posts are about if you don’t include a caption. If you don’t have time to add a caption then save your content for a time when you do have time. It’s better to skip a post every now and then rather than adding poor quality content.

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