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Five reasons to go mobile

Here at Spindogs, we always make it our prerogative to stay on top of the most current trends in the digital world and make sure our clients’ businesses change with the times as well. Our team of marketing experts have identified that in 2017 mobile will establish itself as the place to be for those companies who wish to maximise the extent of their business opportunities – and is why we are making March our Month of Mobile!

Statistics show that today about 90% of adults in the UK own a mobile device, and about three-quarters of all internet activity in 2017 is expected to take place on mobile. Is your site optimised for mobile to meet the changes? Here are five reasons why it should be:

1. Keep up with the times

More than half of all internet views (60%, to be exact) come from a tablet or a smartphone these days, and businesses are beginning to take note of this trend and adjust accordingly – 70% of companies are planning to optimise the experiences they offer online to suit mobile. To make sure you are reaching your maximum users, increasing your site’s AMP capabilities is essential – nearly a third of users report that they would leave a mobile website if they find it unsatisfying in favour of a competitor’s site which offers similar services or products as well as better load times!

2. Be seen

Mobile has effectively established itself as the new discovery channel – over 50% of mobile device users claim they have come across a new company on mobile, and 57% are reportedly more likely to visit a store after having visited the website. If, however, the mobile site doesn’t satisfy their touchscreen expectations, more than 90% of users will leave immediately. So, in order to be seen and keep visitors, you need a mobile responsive website for your business.

3. Retail on the go

Nowadays, over half of the UK’s online retail sales take place on a smartphone or a tablet, while two-thirds of users browsing e-commerce sites do so through their mobile devices, which further confirms the trend towards ‘window shopping’ from your sofa. On average, the UK retail industry is currently missing out on £6.6bn in online purchases by not being optimised for mobile devices – make sure you’re not amongst those counting their losses!

4. Don’t discriminate

Despite the fact that ‘mobile devices’ are most commonly associated with smartphones, when it comes to market share, no single screen size holds more than 20%. On average, one person uses about five different devices to consume digital content, which highlights the need to have a responsive website able to adjust to all screens and devices. In fact, it’s essential to ensure your site is equally optimised for both smartphone and tablet displays if you are looking to maximise profit, because 72% of users using tablets purchase products via mobile weekly, and make up 33% of overall mobile sales in the UK.

5. Good reputation

The way a website displays and the ease of access it offers has recently become an integral part of a company’s image – in fact, 2/3 of mobile users name display as the number one thing to consider when consuming mobile content throughout their day, while more than half of consumers are less likely to recommend your brand or business of your mobile site is poorly designed. To make a positive impression, and entice website visitors to make a purchase or visit your store, you need to ensure your mobile site offers key features such as an easily accessible location finder (to meet the needs of the 95% of mobile users searching for a business near them) and up-to-date information (which accounts for 88% of visitors making spontaneous buys).


Here at Spindogs we are very passionate about developing websites that run smoothly across multiple platforms, and we pride ourselves on the user experience our mobile sites offer. If you need help in ensuring your website reaches your full potential, you have come to the right place – nothing pleases us more than seeing our clients’ businesses succeed! If you are looking to make your site mobile-friendly or are unsure of whether you need to optimise it, get in touch with our team and get a free digital audit today!

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