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Over the past year one thing is for certain; companies have had to rethink how they function digitally. With everyone upping their game we wanted to give you some top tips on how you can improve your website.

Read on for our Business Development Executive, Amy’s top tips on how to modernise your website.

Alert banners

The first tip is to add alert banners to your website, this is a quick and easy task for developers to do but can be really helpful to your clients and website users. Whether it’s sharing key info on opening hours or offers and promotions, it’s a helpful tool to be able to convey information quickly with your audience as it will be the first thing they see on your website.

Featured posts

Most websites have news pages or blog pages on them but they’re not always easy to find or given a prominent place. Asking your developer to add a featured posts section to your homepage is a quick and easy way for highlighting key content. A featured posts section gives you the option to pin important articles or information to your homepage to give your visitors the most relevant content you want to share with them. This is a great tool that can be used for new rules and regulations, changes to opening hours or any key business news you want to share with your customers.

Online payments

Businesses have been forced to re-look at how they trade over the past year, many of them have no longer been able to take payments in person for their products and services. Having the tools to take payments online is now key to a successful business. You can facilitate this through a number of different ways, such as creating a Shopify site, taking one off payments via Paypal and Stripe or through more intricate e-commerce solutions. Providing a simple and convenient way for your customer to make online payments can result in return visits and conversion.

Specialised contact pages

Over the past year you may have received an increase in the number of customer enquiries coming through your contact pages that may not be your usual leads, for example these questions could be related to the pandemic. As a way to alleviate some of the enquiries, you could set up a specialised contact form to direct the additional questions through and you can also set up a new email address for these specialised contact forms to be sent to. This will help you divide the enquiries you receive into two groups and make it more manageable when responding.

Flexible content page

A flexible content page is like a page builder, it allows you to build your pages with different types of content i.e. a page can be made up of an image, a video, an accordion block for FAQs. It gives you the ability to rearrange layouts to build dynamic, interactive pages.
It is great for your landing pages as it gives you the flexibility to regularly update the content and information in a simple way. You can add, remove and reorder page layouts in a quick and effective way to keep your customers and clients interacting with your most relevant and interesting content.


We hope you found these tips on how to modernise your website helpful. Quick and simple ways to improve your website have become essential to keep your business up to date in the fast paced digital world!
You can also watch my IGTV on Instagram covering this topic by clicking the link below.

5 ways to modernise your website

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