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Spring is the perfect time for a refresh, whether it is cleaning out your cupboard or changing what you wear to the office. At Spindogs, we have been thinking about how our clients can give their website a spring clean. We soon discovered that there were some simple things that could be implemented to ensure a website continues to thrive into the summer and beyond.

Here are 5 ways to give your website the spring clean it deserves:

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1. Make sure your blog posts are up to date

There is nothing worse than a potential customer visiting your website and seeing content on the homepage that is outdated. Unfortunately, this gives the impression that the entire website could be outdated and the customer might not trust the information. Review your website and see when the last time you uploaded a blog or news post. Was it more than a month ago? If yes, try and create a plan with your team to ensure that you are posting content at least twice a month. If a plan is in place this will mean that your blog won’t be forgotten.

2. Only promote your active social channels

Remember three years ago when you setup your YouTube account, proudly uploaded a video and added a big link to your website’s footer? It seemed like such a great idea at the time, but three years on and you haven’t uploaded another video. Consequently, YouTube should not be on your website’s footer as it is really important that you only promote social channels that you are actively using.  Take a fresh look at the social channels you are promoting and decide whether they have enough valuable content to warrant being on your website.

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3. Check your website’s Google Analytics

Are your visitor statistics up or down year on year? What pages are engaging your audience and what pages are not? Regularly check your website’s Google Analytics as this will help you with what services, products and content you should be improving or emphasising.

4. Add new case studies

Do you have a case studies section on your website? If you do, when was the last time you updated the content? It is important that you keep this content updated as your customers want to see what you have been working on recently. If the last case study is clearly outdated they might wonder if you are still available. Creating case studies also provide the perfect opportunity to talk to your new customers and get their feedback. So, not only will you be giving your website a spring clean, but you will be engaging in positive conversations with your customers.

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5. Review your team page

Is your team page showing exactly who works for your company? People like knowing who they are going to be working with, so make sure your team pages are up to date and that the content on them accurately represents your company’s values and personality.

If you would like more information about giving your website a spring clean, do not hesitate to contact us. We also offer a content generation service, so we can help you write more blog posts or case studies and train you on Google Analytics!

If you would like us to have a look at your companies social media presence get in touch using the form below.

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