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Before you get too excited I had probably best put my hand up and admit the title is a little misleading and does shamelessly include some deliberate innuendo in encouraging people to read this post!

Last Saturday (October 11th 2008) I took part in the Royal Marines Commando Challenge to help raise money for the Devon Air Ambulance Trust and Help for Heroes.

The Commando Challenge is a 3 mile cross country assault course designed to test you both physically and mentally and, having now taken part, I would certainly conclude that it lives up to its title. There is a long claustrophobic tunnel (note: that crawling scene in Shawshank Redemption or the character Bishops crawling scene in Aliens),  an underwater tunnel and, crucially, lots of mud!

I entered as part of a team called “Cardiff Core” and we ended up finishing 10th overall in our category and raising over £500 which I was actually pretty chuffed about!

I would strongly recommend checking out the Commando Challenge website and we will be definitely entering a team next year so if this sounds like your cup of tea (or even if it doesn’t!) then give the office a call and get training!


For more information about the Commando Challenge check out there website at

…and just for those doubters here is an image!


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