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Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, described the Apple Watch as, “The most personal device we have ever created”. He was talking at Apple Live, an event held in San Francisco that revealed what to expect from Apple’s latest gadget, the Apple Watch.

Although I have never been an advocate of Apple (I still don’t own an iPhone), I was intrigued by the smartwatch. Could this really be a piece of wearable technology that improves our lives and looks great? Tim Cook certainly believes that it is, and was more than happy to describe what makes the Apple Watch tick.

“It’s not just with you, it’s on you…”

First, Cook stressed the importance of designing a smartwatch that was an expression of the person wearing it, explaining that the Apple Watch comes in a variety of materials to suit different tastes. From a watch that is made out of stainless steel to one that is 18 carat gold, the Apple Watch certainly has a style to suit not just the user’s personality but their budget too. Ranging from £299 to a staggering £13,500, it appears that Apple are trying to appeal to both the techies and the watch enthusiasts.

apple watch wired

 Credit: Instagram @wired

“The Apple watch is the most advanced timepiece ever created…”

Described as incredibly accurate the Apple Watch isn’t just a pretty face. It is set within 15 milliseconds of the Coordinated Universal Time, meaning we won’t be able to use our smartwatches as an excuse for running late! To heighten Cook’s previous statement about keeping the watch in tune with our styles, the watch face can also be customised to suit our needs. Whether we want our watch to be simple or rich in detail, Apple allows us to decide.

“It allows you to communicate immediately…”

Then there was a feature that made even Cook revert back to his five year old self. The Apple Watch will allow you to answer calls and reply to messages from your wrist! The watch comes equipped with a built in speaker and microphone so we will be able to respond instantly.

Apple have also created a new technology called Digital Touch, which allows the user to connect Apple Watch to Apple Watch. This will allow you to get your friend’s attention by tapping your watch or you can even send them your heartbeat.

apple watch christy turlington

Credit: Instagram @cturlington

“A comprehensive health and fitness companion…”

Speaking of heartbeats, one of the main functions of the Apple Watch is to help improve the user’s fitness and health. The watch tracks daily movements and reminds the user if they have been sitting down too long, then sends a fitness report for what you have achieved in the past week.

The watch also comes equipped with a variety of fitness apps, something that supermodel Christy Turlington Burns has been using to help her train for a variety of marathons. She spoke at the event, explaining how she would be writing a weekly blog on about wearing the watch whilst training for the London marathon.

“But that is really just the beginning.”

Cook then said the words that every Apple fan wants to hear. The Apple Watch will have lots of new apps and features, including the ability to pay using Apple Pay, meaning the watch’s appeal will only increase.

Apple will release the Apple Watch on 24th April 2015 and they couldn’t have timed it better.

apple watch verge

Credit: Instagram @verge

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