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Did you know that it’s Father’s Day on 19th June? If not, don’t worry, as you still have time to get your dad a gift that will make his day!

Unfortunately we can’t help in the gift department, but we can suggest some cool apps that should definitely be downloaded onto your dad’s phone. After all, a pair of socks might last until Christmas but an app can last forever!

Here are some of the apps that the fathers in the Spindogs team would recommend to other dads

1. Spotify

“For music lovers out there, Spotify is a must. With a rapidly growing database of music, the app provides an easy option for downloading any track, from any album, from any band. Spotify also allows you to build your very own music collection and create a playlist for any mood or occasion. That is why I can’t live without it!”

 – Sean Giles

A monthly subscription for Spotify premium starts at £9.99 and the app is free to download.

2. The Wonder Weeks

“Derived originally from an international bestselling book, this app aims to keep you informed on the mental journey of your baby as it explains the development that they go through both day and night. I swear by this app and it has even won ‘Best Parenting App’ in several countries.”

– Gareth Gwyther

The app costs £1.49 to download from the app store.

3. Internet

“I’m a bit boring and it takes a lot for me to be convinced into downloading a multitude of apps onto my device. Having said that, who could imagine life without being able to access the internet from your smartphone…unless you happen to be the owner of a directory enquiries phoneline…”

– Oli Salisbury

The app is not only free to download but is probably already installed on your device

4. Email

“I use my email app everyday as it’s very easy to use and means I can stay in touch with clients on the go. Due to the amount of times that I use it, this is definitely my ‘can’t live without’ app. Although it probably shouldn’t be…”

– Dan Lewis

The app is free to download.

Plus, not forgetting the dad-to-be, here is what the dads at Spindogs would recommend to Liam Giles:

5. Instant Baby Sleep

“With the aim of helping your baby fall asleep faster than usual, this app has 9 different sound modes that you can play to soothe your newborn, which is definitely priceless!”

The app is free to download.

Is there an app that you can’t live without? If so, don’t forget to tweet us @spindogs to let us know! Also, we hope that all the dads out there have a very happy Father’s Day!

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