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This is a quick blog post about social media offline integration, which I saw a great example a couple of weeks ago when I was having my hair cut!

It’s really important you tell people that you are on social media, and think about how easy you are making it for them to find your handles when they are in your office / shop and want to tweet about your great products or services.

I was sat in Yume Cardiff a couple of weeks ago and I was on my phone waiting for Mary to wash my hair when I noticed they had a poster campaign – #summerselfie – encouraging people to tweet photos of their new summer look.

Lastly, as I went to pay Mary mentioned that if I did tweet a photo of my new haircut they would offer me a discount off my next cut – great way of getting me to return!

I should have mentioned earlier that I actually tweeted the salon late the night before the appointment to see if they could squeeze me in.

All in all a very positive offline experience interwoven with some great social media practise.

Make sure you are all giving some thought to how easy it is for people to interact with you online when they are out and about!

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