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BARK 10 has arrived!

This will be our second issue we’ve produced during the pandemic and I think it’s safe to say we’ve all learnt a lot over the past year about agile working and how quickly plans can change. The past year has been both challenging and exciting for many businesses, Spindogs included so we really wanted to create this issue with the goal to discuss what businesses have done over the past 12 months.

Each year we look back on our issues and say “surely next year’s issue won’t be as big?” Needless to say, this issue is 100 pages. Yes, a whopping 100 pages full of tips, advice, interviews, work and much more. This issue is 20% bigger than our previous! We just can’t help ourselves. We just have so much we want to shout about. 

Digital Transformation

With many businesses looking for new ways to adapt, digital has been an integral part of many marketers’ strategies. Our latest issue focuses on ‘Digital Transformation’. With guest interviews on how digital has been essential for their business, delved into the pros and cons of new technology, looked at how ecommerce has changed the way we shop, and we have taken a closer look at some of the great work we’ve done with our clients. We felt with the amount of changes in such a short space of time, it was important to highlight the need for digital at a time when traditional methods of communication had to be reconsidered. 

Exciting updates

There’s been a lot going on at Spindogs too. We’ve launched 30 websites, welcomed 10 new staff members to the team, gained another Umbraco MVP and a Certified Umbraco Master, further strengthening our Umbraco capabilities. We switched our full training programme to virtual sessions and made it completely free – a commitment we made to businesses to help them upskill during the pandemic, training over 3000 attendees since April 2020.

The big Spindogs rebrand

Last but not least, we’ve rebranded! We’ve lost our ears, but we’re still listening. We want to share the reasoning behind our rebrand, what it means to not only us here at Spindogs but to our clients, friends and partners too. Check out page 48 to read more about our rebrand, we hope you like it and would love to know what you think.

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The design phase

During the design phase our designer Natasha Manns absolutely nailed it. Having continued with our editorial, coffee table type style from the last issue, BARK 10 really showcases all aspects of our service offering, ensuring you get hints, tips, inspiration and takeaways from the full breadth of our expert team. Plus in this issue you’ll find some extra pieces of fun for your tea breaks. 

Guest contributors

As well as ourselves, we continue to invite guest contributors to give their thoughts on how digital has helped shape their decisions over the past year with interviews from Yogi Bare, itsettled and Levy UK & Ireland. We do this to gain and share insight from the experts in our networks, to learn and hear what other companies are doing with their budgets and resource, their plans and what results they are getting!

A collaborative effort

BARK has not only become an integral part of our marketing strategy but also a huge collaborative effort across the business. It’s a chance for all our team members to get involved and share their expertise and make their voices heard. 

Our key objective for the magazine is to create content that is relevant, so the articles in each issue offer something useful, and that it adds real value to the reader.

We want you to finish reading feeling inspired, like you’ve learned something and that you feel like you know us better. As well as wanting to send a quick email to your colleagues saying “You just have to read BARK 10”.

To keep BARK evolving we really value all feedback and so if you have had a read and want to let us know your thoughts please get in touch.

Take a read of our latest issue here.

If you’re ready to take the next step, see how we can help with your new project, speak to one of our experts today via the contact form below! 

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