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As we welcome issue EIGHT (we can’t believe it either!) of BARK, we reflect over some exciting changes at Spindogs over the past 12 months. With the recruitment of more talent to the team across the UK and an expansion of our HQ in Cardiff to support our growing client base which now covers the breadth of the UK, as well as overseas.

The team have worked exceptionally hard to launch 36 new sites (an extra 16 compared to this time last year) in the last 12 months, including Monmouthshire Building Society and more sites for the University of Oxford.

Our Client Support Team are busier than ever, meaning more clients are accessing our expertise every day to improve and develop their websites, which is what we love to see!

Spring has seen two more of the team achieve the Kentico Marketing Qualification, and we remain the only team in Wales to support Kentico clients with their EMS.

The issue sees us focus on some of the great projects delivered over the last 12 months, as well as highlighting what we think you can expect to see coming up in digital in the remainder of 2019 and 2020, so put the kettle on, follow the link above and have a read (not before you’ve finished this blog post, of course!)

Monmouthshire Building Society

It’s been a whole year since we launched the new Monmouthshire Building Society (MBS) website. In this article we look back over the project and how we created a visually impressive and powerful website for this well-known brand to reflect their focus on members and its identity as a mutual building society.

When MBS came to us in 2017, they felt their website came across as stiff and dated. We worked with them to create something that portrayed their image as a friendly organisation that championed its members interests and reflected the excellent customer service experience at their various branch locations.

IMG 1079 – Spindogs

The future of social media as foretold by Owen Williams

As our quest to remain one step ahead of all things digital continues, our Online Account Manager, Scott McCaffrey quizzed Owen Williams, Managing Director of Siml and former Head of Editorial Strategy at the BBC, on trends defining the future of social media for businesses.

Their discussion covered everything from insights into the merits and pitfalls of video chatbots which continue to drive growth across platforms, to engaging the sought-after Gen Z’ers and catering to niche audiences.

Even before this article went to print, TWO of Owen’s predictions came true, so buckle in for a journey to the future if you land on this one!

IMG 1085 – Spindogs

Taking care to the Nexus level…

The quality of care homes in the UK has been the focus of a lot of negative media attention for a number of years, and it serves as a harsh reminder that standards are continuing to decline rapidly in more than a third of local authorities.

In a climate of declining budgets and an ageing population, Nexus Care approached us to develop an app that provides an innovative and high-quality solution to ease the pressure of under-resourced care homes.

The Nexus Care Solution app is a powerful messaging platform that delivers critical alarms and messaging for carers.

Our Director of Client Services, Claire Swindell, spoke to Neil McManus, Director at Nexus Care, to talk through their Spindogs journey, find out what makes the app a technical revolution for the care sector and what’s on the cards for version two.

IMG 1086 – Spindogs

Five Simple but smart changes to make to your Google Ads campaign today

Harnessing the power of PPC (pay per click) advertising is a fantastic way to get in front of your target audience and make your brand know via search.

Largely dominated by Google Ads, which owns the majority of the market share of online advertising, getting the most out of this important platform can result in improved online performance for your business.

Intense competition and lack of expertise means that some businesses fail to see a return on their investment. In this article Rhiannon Hedlam, our Paid Advertising Strategist, offers five simple but smart tips to help you improve the performance of your Google Ads.

Whatever your budget, these tricks will go some way towards helping you improve the click-through rate on your ads and maximise your ROI.

IMG 1081 – Spindogs

The future of digital

Whether you’re actively immersed in the world of digital or you’re looking to build your digital portfolio in the upcoming year, keeping on top of trends can be a bit of a mission in a constantly changing and versatile environment.

As we hurtle towards 2020 at the speed of light, our fearless team leaders tell us in this article what they expect to encounter in the digital space over the next year.

Covering futuristic development, the dark side of design, stellar automation and personalisation, astronomic support and SEO launch packs… you’re in for an intergalactic treat with this one!

IMG 1082 – Spindogs

A bit of fun

Do we prefer dogs or cats? How many pints of milk do we get through a week and are we putting said milk in tea or coffee? How many mums & dads do we have on board? And who speaks Welsh?!

If you want to know a little more about the Spindogs clan, skip to page 50 to see our team make-up.

If you’d like to know more about anything you’ve read here today, we’d love to hear from you!

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