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It was a few months before Spindogs’ 10th birthday when I first suggested that the company should start their own digital magazine. Now, nearly two years on, we have published our fourth issue and we are already looking forward to the fifth.

The magazine is an opportunity for our clients (and beyond) to see what we have been working on and find out the latest news within the digital world. We also use BARK as an opportunity to showcase our expertise and offer valuable tips and tricks to help our reader’s with their online queries. The magazine is about educating our audience and engaging with our community in new and exciting ways.

Consequently we decided that our fourth magazine should be based around the theme of community, as this is incredibly important to us. Liam explains in his opening letter that, “Building a sense of community and common interest with the people you work with is incredibly important.”

This theme is explored throughout the magazine, from the details of our own community to looking at this theme in a broader sense with an exclusive interview with UK. This online petition platform has created a community of over 10 million and we were interested to hear more about the journey behind this phenomenal statistic.

To give you an idea of what the rest of the magazine includes, here are some of our favourite features:

10 Things to Try in 2016

10 Techniques and tactics to try in 2016

As it is the start of a new year (just), it provides the perfect opportunity to shake up your activity and try something new. This feature highlights 10 concepts that we would recommend you investigate to help you achieve fantastic results, from Instagram Advertising to using less WordPress plugins.

Wild West Party

Wild West client party

Twice a year we hold a special party for our clients and in this issue of BARK we have all the pictures from our Christmas event. For each party we have a different theme, and this time we turned Spindogs HQ into the Wild West, with the help of hay bales, saloon doors and lots of cowboy hats!

The Spindogs Community

The Spindogs Community

As I have already mentioned, the theme of the magazine was community, so our main feature highlights a selection of the companies and events that we are associated with. We are incredibly proud of these connections and it was a great opportunity to show our support for these organisations. – Spindogs

If you have ever wondered how companies build an audience of millions, then this feature is for you. We spoke to Tom and Pascale from UK to find out how they have built this following, and together we discussed why petitions are still a powerful mechanism for change.

Warblr – Spindogs

One to watch: Warblr

At Spindogs we love to try new apps, so when we heard about Warblr we had to find out more. The app’s founder, Florence Wilkinson, explains why she wanted to create an app that recognises birdsong and how it is part of her mission to raise more awareness about wildlife. The interview is fascinating and incredibly inspiring!


If this is your first time reading BARK, please take a look at our other issues and let us know your thoughts- we love hearing your feedback. We also promise they are worth the read and are best read with a cup of tea!

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