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Best of Apps…

We asked the team at Spindogs to share their favourite apps. From health & fitness to finding places to pitch your camper van, there’s a world of useful apps at our fingertips. We share what we’ve been downloading and what’s been making our lives easier. Tag us @spindogsdigital with your top apps. We’re always on the lookout for inspiration.

  • Emily Harris – Park4Night My favourite app is called park4nite – it shows me all locations I can wild camp in my camper van with reviews on services, activities, location, number of spaces and coordinates. This has meant I’ve slept by all kinds of reservoirs this year, all for free! 
  • Amanda Williams – 1SE The app enables users to record 1 second of every day, or lots of 1 second clips from the same day to create some very cute films. I used this app to create a 1 second clip of every day in 2020 and have used it multiple times on trips away. They collate all the clips and edit them to make a single film, producing a lush little film, full of memories.
  • Tegan Male – Notion It’s a wonderful notetaking/workspace app that is available cross-platform and is free! It helps me keep track of my projects at work, but also helps me plan my vegetable garden and Dungeons and Dragons characters.
  • Clare Treverrow – Daylio I love an app called ‘Daylio’. You’re able to log things about your day (e.g. food, exercise, periods and your mood). Then you can track your stats through graphs that tell you what daily activities contribute to certain moods, what your best month/day is etc. Also good if you’re like me and have a memory of a goldfish and want to know when you last did something, haha.
  • Luke Cardy – Letterboxd Letterboxd is an app to discover films you want to watch, as well as making lists of your favourite films. So many social media platforms are based on what you have, what you look like or about projecting an image of yourself, but the really fun thing about Letterboxd is that it’s purely about sharing thoughts on films, discovering hidden gems and planning your watchlist. The pro version even tells you which of your streaming services a film is available on.
  • James Brett – Vitality Health With this app, I can connect to various other health apps I run in order to build up points to get a free coffee (1 per week), free cinema tickets (when they’re open), free Amazon prime and money off our Waitrose order.
  • Chelsea Brownhill – TIKTOK Great to just cheer you up with silly videos and their algorithm is incredibly intuitive and only shows you things you’ll like.
  • Esme Dee – Lightroom I find the Lightroom app really handy for Instagram posts! You don’t need to pay for the mobile app like you do with the proper desktop version, and you can create your own presets in there, so once you have a style you like for your insta feed, you just select that preset for each new photo.
  • Andrew Maisey – Nextdoor It allows (amongst other things) neighbours to buy/sell/give away for free, things they no longer need. I have a fantastic big pine dining table and leather Laura Ashley sofa from there – both were free! I have also done loads of garage and cupboard clear outs during lockdown and it is great to give away what is no longer of use to me but is of value to others. Checking it every night for bargains!

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