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Digital Marketing Trends 2022

It’s that time of year again where we take a look at the top digital marketing trends for the year ahead. What has become a small tradition, (read our last post on trends for 2021), we always use this time of year to reflect on our previous digital marketing trend predictions and look at how digital transformation will progress in the next 12 months. 

That said, we’re here to help you keep a finger on the pulse and ensure your marketing strategy is in good shape for the new year, so we’ve rounded up the top digital marketing trends for 2022. After all, we all want to see results, and these most important marketing trends aim to help you have a competitive advantage and keep your customers at the forefront of what you do.

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Influencer marketing will become the norm

In 2021, we predicted that more businesses and sectors would branch into the world of influencer marketing. As we approach 2022, we predict that influencer marketing will gather more pace until it is an essential tool in digital marketing professionals’ arsenal. More businesses are seeing and benefitting from the value of collaborating with influencers and thought leaders in their industries to expand their reach and brand awareness. 

Machine learning for paid search

We have already seen how machine learning can inform marketing strategies, as the data can tell us more about customers and provide a more personalised experience as part of the customers’ journey. In 2022, we will see machine learning applied to paid search to boost results and improve the process of data collection. Using machine learning options within paid media and Google services will help simplify the complex process of ad targeting and improve ROI (Return on Investment).

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An increase in automation

2022 will see an increase in automation between businesses and customers. Automation supports digital marketing professionals by removing some of the processes so that they can focus on delivering an excellent customer experience. 

According to Hubspot, 70% of marketing professionals already use automation and 33% of marketers who don’t use it, plan to implement it in 2022. Investing in automation can ensure that different types of customers receive certain content messaging and answers to particular customer service enquiries fast. Using chatbots is one way that businesses can use automation for the benefit of their customers and teams. 

Video marketing will become essential

Video marketing will continue to drive marketing strategies next year. Businesses can use video marketing to their advantage by investing in the digital marketing tactic to advertise their products or services. We only have to look at the rise of apps like TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram to understand the power that video content has on influencing customers’ buying and decision-making and getting a strong return. Whether it’s short-form video marketing, live video or Instagram stories, customers are keen to watch and engage with videos rather than reading text-based marketing.

The optimisation will be just as important in 2022 as it was this year. Videos need to be optimised not only for search engines but for users too. They need to have a good description, image thumbnail and subtitles so that all users can read the content if they are unable to watch the video.

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An appetite for integrated online and offline experience

The demand for businesses to create an integrated online and offline experience will increase in 2022. This last year has only solidified that physical stores need to rethink their strategies if they want to survive on the high street. However, there is still a demand for physical stores, which is why it’s more important than ever that businesses consider how they can reinvent and improve their retail experience and offer a similar experience to online. For example, VR and AR technologies enable brands to include interactive augmented reality installations and online ordering stations in their shops to increase customer engagement and provide a better integrated online and offline experience that suits everyone. 

More conversational marketing

Conversational marketing will still be a key trend in the marketing industry for 2022. Customers still crave speaking to a human being, so making sure that there is someone available to communicate with your customers is vital for keeping them engaged and happy. As we suggested in 2021, including conversational marketing in your social media marketing – replying and engaging with your customers on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, – will really help to create a personable experience and keep customers satisfied. 

A demand for interactive content

Our last digital marketing trend for 2022 is that we’re predicting that interactive content will gain traction. While traditional text-based content is integral to your digital performance, businesses will start to include more interactive content, such as quizzes, embedded calculators and videos to increase customer engagement. Interactive content is a more engaging way to attract customers and keep them connected with your brand. 

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