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Congratulations to our Direct & Digital Marketing Director Daniel Lewis, who recently became the first certified Kentico marketer at Spindogs. This was no easy task and makes him the 26th person in the UK to be awarded the certification, and the first person in Wales!

Daniel is adding this new qualification to nearly two decades of online and offline marketing experience, giving him the wealth of experience enabling him to lead our team of online marketers into creating even more effective digital campaigns for both our new and existing clients. With in-depth knowledge of Kentico Marketing, we can now target our client’s audiences even better and generate unparalleled results for their business.


kentico certified marketer 11 – Spindogs

The Kentico marketing qualification is designed to set apart Kentico experts from other marketers in the field. In addition to building up our credibility as a business and adding to the skillset of our online marketing team, the Kentico training and exams will give us a competitive advantage as specialists on the CMS platform.


The Kentico Marketer Certification recognises both Daniel’s extensive familiarity with Kentico, but also his expertise in the field of digital marketing. The qualification is internationally recognised and verifies that he is proficient in working with Kentico’s marketing module.

Intended for individuals who already have a wealth of experience managing online marketing activities, the exam requires more than simply going over the training course content – advanced Kentico marketing skills and knowledge are needed. Gaining the qualification is a huge achievement, as it demonstrates our team continuous commitment to growth and upskilling, as well as our desire to provide a fully integrated Kentico experience to our clients.


Kentico’s Online Marketing Essentials interactive e-learning course is part of the training required prior to taking the exam. It covers core functionalities of the CMS platform and teaches the essential skills needed to conduct digital marketing activities with Kentico, such as setting up campaigns and running email marketing.

Specifically tailored for businesses in charge of online marketing for their own company and for others, the course is designed to upskill professionals in managing their web presence with Kentico. Basic knowledge of content management and internet access are the only two requirements for taking the course.

Upon completing the course, marketers will have in-depth knowledge of the key marketing activities included in the Kentico CMS, including managing and segmenting contacts, lead scoring and web analytics report analysis, as well as creating and running email campaigns, A/B testing and marketing automation.

See our Kentico Marketing skills in action – contact us to find out what we can do for your marketing strategy.