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One of the many brilliant things about working in digital is that it’s constantly evolving. Every day new tech is released, new ways to promote products and new ways to measure campaigns appear. Although, this can also make working in Digital Marketing a little confusing at times.

Have you ever attended a meeting and heard an acronym you didn’t understand? It can really throw you off your game in a conversation! In the digital world where everything we do online is constantly changing and evolving, countless acronyms are surfacing all the time, making it a little difficult to keep track.

Fear not, we here at Spindogs have put together a useful guide of just some of the many everyday acronyms which just might be of use to you.

ABM – Account based marketing

A strategic approach to targeting specific prospects or customers with tailored content.

CLV – Customer lifetime value

This is the value associated with a customer during the entire future relationship.

CMS – Content management system

A software application that is used to create and manage digital content (typically a website).

CPA – Cost per acquisition

How much it costs to acquire a customer.

CPC – Cost per click

How much it costs each time somebody clicks your ad.

CRO – Conversation rate optimisation

Increasing the likelihood of a website user converting into a customer by improving key page elements.

CTA – Call to action

Often a button, this is the primary action that you want a user to take, such as sign up, download or learn more.

CTR – Click through rate

The number of times a link, ad or button was visible to users vs the number times it was actually clicked.

GA – Google Analytics

A web analytics service which enables a business to track and report website statistics.

GMB – Google My Business

The business information that displays at the top of a search results page on Google, including address, phone number and reviews.

PPC – Pay per click

An internet advertising model that allows you to pay only when your targeted advert is clicked. These appear prominently in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

SEO – Search engine optimisation

The practice of increasing quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

SEM – Search engine marketing

This is internet marketing, the promotion of a website often through paid advertising.

SERPs – Search engine results pages

These are the pages displayed by a search engine in response to a query.

UGC – User generated content

This is content generated by a user and shared publicly, for example when a person shares a picture of their dinner on Instagram in a restaurant.

UX – User experience

This is all aspects of how users interact with a company, website, services, products etc.

So there you go, hopefully, a good introduction to a few essential terms you may need to know. However, don’t forget… new acronyms are always cropping up, so keep ahead of the game and check out digital blogs and marketing resources to keep up to date, don’t get caught out and become a JK in your next marketing meeting.

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