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I was so thrilled to have been invited to join Spindogs for some ‘golf for dummies’ lessons while raising funds for such a worthy cause as Velindre.

… IMG 3250 – Spindogs


Week three and we’re moving on from the #OnePieceTakeAway and on to more progressive swings. This week was all about angles – not always my strong point but as a recently authorised motorist, I’ve been practicing angles in car parks. If I can move a Fiesta, I can move my arms properly, surely?!

As Gareth moved us into a mirrored booth (don’t worry, I’m not going to go all 50 Shades on you…) we started to realise our arms and – importantly – wrists, were not quite a reflection of his perfect corners. The mirrors helped to show us how we needed to curve our appendages and how our posture could best support such ‘unnatural’ manoeuvres.

I am sure that by the end of the course, I’ll get into the swing of it (sorry, shameful) and have now assigned a mirror in the flat to check out my #OnePieceTakeAway and #AnglesofPerfection. Oh and maybe I’ll check how those new golf outfits look while I’m at it…Only kidding. Aside from networking with some inspiring, fun and clever ladies, the thing I love about this course is that all of us are keen to prove we won’t fall into the #AlltheGearNoidea category. We’re practising hard and are looking to take advantage of a taster membership at the end of the course.

Seasoned golfers, I doth my hat to you. It’s not an easy sport but one of the most rewarding ones I have tried in a long time. I like challenging myself and golf is the perfect antidote to that. Even when you’re on your own there’s always an improvement to be made and a new skill to learn.

Bring on the 18th hole!!

IMG 3264 – Spindogs