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Here at Spindogs we have a great team of Umbraco experts – from our brilliant developers, skilful strategists and talented creative thinkers to our support superheroes, we live up to our title as a certified Umbraco partner.

Some of the reasons why we love Umbraco include its customisable nature, which allows us to incorporate the bespoke web designs our creatives whip up with complex technological functions while keeping the CMS easy for our clients to navigate.

But enough about our love for building Umbraco websites, let’s talk about why marketers love using the CMS! One of our Umbraco projects included building new sites for Barrack Lane and Lysaght Institute – two different parts of the Linc Enterprise seamlessly controlled by one CMS. We are also currently working on rebuilding the main Linc Cymru site in Umbraco!

We caught up with Marsine Kousarieh, Linc Cymru’s Digital Business Analyst, on how she and her team are getting on with Umbraco’s marketing features.

Why did you choose to have your website built in Umbraco?

Marsine, as many other Umbraco users, points out their main reason for choosing to have their websites build in Umbraco was the good reputation of the CMS and the fact that it’s open source. One of Umbraco’s main selling points across the board is indeed the fact that it’s a free, open source .NET web content management system which prioritises simplicity and easy-to-use structure.

How did you find the Umbraco web development stage?

Once they’d settled on a CMS platform, and aided by our team of experts, Marsine and her team found Umbraco’s open source nature very useful over the course of the project when it came down to creating custom branding and design.

Unlike other CMS options which tend to have inflexible templates and constrained design capabilities, Umbraco is like a blank canvas. It can be customised to fit the individual needs of your business, giving your appointed team of designers and developers full control over the look and functionalities of the finished website.

Why Umbraco is a great CMS for marketers?

Like many other Umbraco website users, Marsine is impressed with the UI of the CMS. And that’s not surprising at all – editing and content management simplicity is one of the key features Umbraco prides itself on. Tailored specifically to be intuitive for non-designers and non-developers, Umbraco allows marketers to save time on learning how to use the CMS and focus instead on optimising their customers’ on-site experience.

What’s your experience with the Umbraco tools and extensions for marketers?

As we already mentioned, Umbraco’s content editing tools are very intuitive and easy to use – from media management, pre-publish previews and responsive views across devices to behavioural targeting and 3rd party system integration, the varied features of the CMS help create a seamless website management experience for marketers.

While Marsine doesn’t manage the website on a daily basis herself, she gets on well with the content management tools and notes that she is very happy with how the unique ‘Thank you’ pages are set up and managed, as this helps her configure with the analytics she has set up via Google Tag Manager.

What Umbraco features works best for you?

Due to the nature of their business, where multiple websites are all controlled from the same CMS, Marsine finds Umbraco’s multi-website functionality ideal for their organisation’s needs. What’s more, managing different parts of the Linc Enterprise from one platform has proven to her how well adapted for business growth Umbraco is, especially in terms of multiple business arms.

Created to be truly scalable, Umbraco will grow alongside your business! From a simple online brochure to creating full-scale enterprise level websites (like the Linc Cymru project), Umbraco can create the digital experience you need, regardless of what ‘growth’ looks like for your business.


If you need a CMS which allows you to easily manage your website without compromising the user experience or design, Umbraco is a great choice. In addition to being highly customisable, Umbraco is user friendly to designers, developers and marketers alike. The CMS also features automatic updates, and can be integrated seamlessly with apps and external web services (e.g. Salesforce).

Learn more about the ways in which Umbraco can help your business or organisation by visiting our dedicated Umbraco page, or fill out the form below telling us about your Umbraco requirements.

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