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As of 14th April this year, LinkedIn Products and services pages are history!

So what exactly does that mean?!

– Your products and services pages won’t be seen any more
– Your recommendations for others products and services will no longer be shown
– Employee profiles will no longer be associated with a certain product or service

At the moment you can still edit the existing content under this tab, so you can retrieve the information if you need to. LinkedIn frequently evaluate the features on their website, and we’re used to them shaking things about now and again! They have decided the Products and Services page was not one of the most valuable, which is why they have made the decision to remove this feature.  Possibly the biggest impact this will have is that any recommendations you have on your product and service pages will not be carried over, so unless you copy and paste these and find another use for them (not ideal if you have 100s!) they will be lost forever.

There’s no need to panic! If you put your products and services page to good use there are now alternative ‘Showcase pages’ which are already proving popular. These Showcase pages were first introduced late last year and allow you to have information feeds specific to just one product, you can use this to generate a following for a specific area of your business and it allows the content to be more tailored. People are able to follow your Showcase pages, and you can also post from them!

To add a new Showcase page you need to select the dropdown next to ‘Edit’ on your company page…

LinkedIn screenshot 1 – Spindogs

You will then see some information about the Showcase pages, and you can select ‘Get Started’ to begin creating your page.

LinkedIn Screentshot 2 – Spindogs

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