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Socials and team building events are a great way to reward your team. Rubicon offers a wide variety of dance lessons, and our team here at Spindogs has been to try them out.

With a variety of personalities in the team here at Spindogs, it is often hard to find something that suits all. Social media expert Claire has a natural rhythm, where as Director Elwyn Davies will openly admit that he has two left feet!

Rubicon has great dance studio facilities in Cardiff where we’ve been grooving to the beat! The afternoon included three dance workshops, Street, Ballet and Carnival. The variety of dances allowed us to work as a team, as well as individuals. You can watch our video here to see how we were challenged and taken out of our comfort zone.

Everyone had a fab time. It was great to get to try out the different dance genres; street was very active and definitely got the heart racing. Our technical director, Dave got very into the Gangham style! Ballet was all about our inner core, and we were all feeling the burn the next day! Our MD Liam was praised for his natural ballet skills! The carnival had a carefree and lively element; and you get to see some of the great carnival costumes too.

After all the sweating and hard work was over there was some time to cool down and relax before choreographing our own routines in groups, using the new moves we had learnt! We met some great dance teachers and were lucky enough to spend the afternoon in a fabulous dance studio. Everyone who took part gave 100% to the afternoon and it was a real success.

The time at Rubicon Dance flew by, and a great time was had by all! If you are looking for a great team afternoon check out