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As your trusted digital experts, we are constantly on the lookout for the best technology out there, so we can cater to the needs of all our clients. Our team of web developers, in particular, are always acquiring news skills which help they build better websites tailored to specific requirements. But the newest offering in the Spindogs arsenal, the CMS platform Kentico, is loved not just by our web building gurus, but also by our marketing magicians.

Whenever we recommend a CMS option to our clients, we always think about why would we use it? One of Kentico’s best features is its in-built marketing capability, which means marketers can enjoy a smooth user experience as they go about their day-to-day work.

What are the benefits of Kentico’s online marketing solution?

The online marketing solution is fully integrated with the content management system (CMS), and allows marketers to access a range of tools which help them source leads, and optimise the content and campaigns they create through in-depth analysis. With the aid of Kentico’s A/B testing and personalisation facilities you can create targeted content across channels and throughout the entire user experience, thus ensuring an increase in conversion rates and quality leads.

Best Kentico features for marketers

Data Protection & GDPR

With the near-imminent changes to data protection under the GDPR, marketers need a trusted tool which allows them keep track of the regulations and make sure they are compliant. With a highly customisable data protection app, Kentico makes handling right to access, right to be forgotten and data portability easier, while also managing consent tracking on your website.

Email marketing

Key trade tools for most marketers are email marketing and content personalisation. Kentico’s email marketing feature is incredibly helpful for analysing which type of content recipients engage with the most – by being able to immediately see the number of people who opened an email and a link, you can create future email campaigns informed by those results.

Content personalisation

And speaking of content personalisation, the Kentico CMS has a dedicated feature designed to maximise conversions by showing visitors content tailored specifically to their interests. By analysing individual browsing history and tracking factors such as demographics, online behaviour and customer context, Kentico’s Content Personalization module helps you ensure you’re targeting the right audience.

Marketing automation

You can also personalise each stage of your visitors customer journey by providing lead nurturing, buyer guidance and creating personalised campaigns shaped by customer’s previous interactions with the brand. Through marketing automation, marketers are able to deliver the right content to their customers and initiate sales without losing the personalised touch.

A/B testing

What’s more, A/B testing allows marketers to trial different variations of a page in an effort to optimise the content which visitors see. In fact, the out-of-the-box A/B testing module isn’t restricted to two page options – you can test unlimited page variants and identify the most successful one with the help of detailed reports.

Integrated campaign management

The all-in-one integrated campaign management Kentico is equipped with enables marketers to develop, launch and analyse campaigns hassle-free. By doing away with the need to integrate third-party modules, this Kentico feature makes it possible for marketing specialists to run digital marketing campaigns across multiple channels and gain insight on each individual one.

Find out more about how Kentico can help your organisation achieve more with its range of fully integrated tools, designed to fulfil all your development and business requirements – visit our dedicated Kentico page.

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