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The New Year brings along the ubiquitous desire for change and investing in improvement, as well as a whole new advertising budget to set aside for said development. If you are looking into ways to boost traffic to your site, Facebook Ads should be on your list of marketing strategies to consider this year!

Alongside Google, Facebook currently accounts for over half of the online advertising market, and these figures are likely to increase to two-thirds in the near future. What’s unique about these platforms is the set of tools they offer to allow for targeting customers in innovative ways and directing them to your website by virtue of being central to the consumption of nearly all digital content, especially on mobile.

Why Facebook ads?

The social network’s active daily users over the final few months of 2016 was as high as 1.18 billion, all of whom engaged with content in a way which marketers can take advantage of. Facebook Ads enables retailers to hyper-target their relevant audiences through granular filters such as location, interests, industry, income and groups/pages they engage with.

An extra upgrade from the tried and tested engagement strategy of sharing news, tips and pictures of products and services on your company’s Facebook page, Facebook Ads appear in users’ news feeds across mobile and desktop in the form of large, clickable images optimised to lead customers directly to your site by means of sales, exclusive content and special offers.

How does it work?

Facebook Ads can be configured to fulfil specific advertising objectives – if your aim is to get more people to visit your website, you can boost traffic by selecting ‘Clicks to Website’. Choosing this objective allows you to reach people where they’ve engaged – both in the right column for desktop and within the news feed for mobile. The larger image of ads in the users’ news feed also means better results, since it allows more space for showcasing your products and brand image – this way audiences are more likely to engage with the ad either for the purposes of buying from the website or fining out more about the company.

Boosting the ad’s clickable space even more, ‘link ads’ drive traffic to your website from all elements – the photo, the text box and the call to action. Facebook Ads even allows you to choose from 5 specific actions for your call-to-action button to help the audience understand what they are expected to do once they’ve seen the ad.

What’s more?

To ensure you are making the most of your Facebook Advertising, there are a few more things to stay on top of. For optimising the conversion rate once you’ve increased traffic to your site, it’s advisable you assign relevant landing pages for your ad posts – for instance, if the ad is for a sale on a specific range of products, make sure it’s linked to the corresponding product page rather than your home page.

Another great feature worth exploring when it comes to targeting your ads is the ‘Lookalike Audience’ retargeting technology offered by the platform – it allows you to target users who have not yet actively engaged with your business or shown interest in your products solely based on similarities they have with your customers and site visitors, such as age, gender, location and interests. This is a great way to broaden the reach of your ads, as well as further increase traffic and engagement from new consumer demographics.

If you would like to ensure your advertising budget is spent well, and your Facebook Advertising strategy is as efficient as possible at driving traffic to your site, get in touch with us and our team will help you get the most of your social ads.

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