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When you launch a new website onto the internet, it’s like setting up a business on an undiscovered island. The people that know about the island (i.e., your staff, your friends, your existing clients if you are already up and running) will know where to find it, but everyone else in the world, including the search engines – Google, msn, Yahoo and the like, won’t know that it exists.

Consistently people we have developed sites for will call us up the day after we launch it saying:

‘I’ve been doing some Google searches and my sites not appearing at all?’

This is perfectly normal when launching a brand new site. Until the search engines have been pointed to your ‘undiscovered island’ then they aren’t going to display it.

Google likes finding new sites by discovering the site itself. If you have a link to your new site from an existing website (which is already in the search engine), Google will follow that link and ‘discover’ your site. From here it will investigate all of the pages and content and add the site to its directory.

It sounds simple, and it is! Sometimes it can take a day, sometimes a week, sometimes a month, but if your site is left stranded out there without any links to it then it is unlikely that you will find it within any search engines very quickly. Many companies are cashing in on promises of high Google ratings at a high price, however we feel there are other cost effective solutions to be considered before committing to a price package.

This may have raised some questions concerning search engine submission; allow us the opportunity to build your website and we can show you ways in which the search engines will discover your site free of charge!

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