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With the recent launch of Kentico Xperience (you can read more on that here), we sat down with our newly certified Kentico marketer and Account Manager, Tara, to discuss her favourite features of the all-encompassing digital experience.

Here are Tara’s top three features for making the most of your Kentico marketing!


If you have ever received a newsletter email with your name addressed in the subject line or body of the email, that’s a basic form of personalisation. With Kentico, you are able to personalise not only within your email marketing, but also content on your website. You can personalise by persona or contact group meaning that persona A can see content on your website differently to persona B. This is important because not everyone who views your website is the same. You may want to drive all those who submitted a specific form to a specific page via dedicated banners. Or, sometimes, you may need to display something only on Friday, another time only during a specific festive period.

Marketing automation

My second favourite perk of Kentico EMS is marketing automation. This is incredibly important as it acts as an extension of your marketing team, saving you a lot of time. With marketing automation, you can set rules and conditions to trigger events. For example, when a contact fills out an online form to register for an event, this could trigger a confirmation email, then a few days later a trigger would send a reminder email. You could also automate a reminder to customers who abandon their shopping carts. This all happens automatically based on the rules you set.

Lead scoring

Lastly, Kentico can help you define your hot and cold leads, enabling you to tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. You can define your leads by demographic or behavioural conditions. Many marketers make the mistake of advertising the same to all customers. Lead scoring helps maximize the efficiency of the sales team to identify customers with a higher potential.

At Spindogs, we have 6 certified Kentico marketers and a dedicated in house Kentico development team. If you would be interested in chatting about whether Kentico is the right choice for you, feel free to get in touch below and we would be happy to help. 

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