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‘Tis the Season for Christmas Ads

With Halloween and Bonfire Night out of the way, the run up to Christmas can truly begin! 

This time last year, companies all over the country decided to limit their spending on Christmas ads, as a result of the ongoing pandemic. However, this year sees the return of festive cheer, with businesses predicted to spend a record £7.9 billion on advertising. If you are one of the thousands of businesses considering increasing your Christmas budget, you will need to think carefully about where to invest your money to generate the best results. To help you make this decision, our team of digital marketing experts have put together a step-by-step guide on preparing your Christmas ad campaigns. 

How to prepare your Christmas Ads

For businesses looking to boost their sales, increase their leads and outperform their competitors, take a look at our top tips for Christmas advertising. 

1. Establish a budget 

The first thing you need to consider when preparing your Christmas marketing campaigns is the budget you have to work with. We would recommend increasing your monthly budget during the festive season. After all, this is the most competitive time of the year for advertising and you want to give your brand the best chance possible at competing and reaching users.

If you are unsure what your budget should be for your Christmas ads, take a look at your analytics to see what your ad spend was in previous years. For further support, ask our team of digital marketing experts to help you analyse your past spending and set a budget for this year’s Christmas campaigns. 

2. Define a set of goals

Before you can begin preparing content or gathering imagery, you need to define what your goals are for your Christmas campaigns. Whether you want to grow your email subscriptions, generate new leads or increase your sales, your objective will inform the messaging you create and the channel you implement. 

Once again, a great place to start when deciding on a goal is your business’s analytics account. Here, you will be able to see how your business performed in previous years and use this data to set your next goal. 

3. Choose a channel

Before you can choose a channel for your Christmas ads, you need to review past and current data relating to audience behaviour. This will allow you to see where your audience is most active right now and where your business has received the most engagement for previous campaigns. With this data, you can decide which channel is most likely to generate the best results for your Christmas marketing efforts. 

If you have the budget available, you could always use more than one channel for your Christmas campaign, increasing your reach to users. 

4. Prepare content 

With your goals in mind and your channel lined up, you now need to prepare content for your campaigns. Whether you choose to run Social Ads or a PPC Campaign, you will need messaging, imagery and a call to action (CTA). Each of these elements should be informed by your campaign objectives and work towards you achieving these goals.

When preparing the content for your Christmas ads, we would also recommend reviewing your landing pages and user journey. This will ensure that users don’t just land on your website, but stay on it through to conversion. If you need help improving the user experience on your website and getting it ready for the Christmas season, reach out to our talented team of digital marketers.

5. Organise a calendar 

The final step you can take is organising a calendar, detailing when each of your Christmas campaigns will go live. This is particularly important if you decide to use multiple channels and will allow you to keep track of the performance of each. 

When putting together a content calendar, we would suggest that you consider if you want to use retargeting campaigns and when you want to put these live. This will allow you to target users at different stages of the conversion funnel with your Christmas campaign. 

Need help preparing your ads for Christmas?

Are you interested in using Christmas Ads to boost your end of year sales? If so, our team of digital marketing specialists are here to help. Specialising in Google Ads and Social Media Ads, we can help you define your objectives, prepare your content and set up your campaign. For support throughout the Christmas season, get in touch with Spindogs.

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