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So often the question gets asked: What are the SEO best practices? SEO (Search engine optimisation) is defined as the process involved to get your website ranked in search engines, most notably Google. This is the foundation set so that your website is noticed organically.

SEO can be categorised into two main areas: On page optimisation and Off page optimisation.

On page optimisation

Often people avoid the SEO best practices and don’t pay attention to key elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, optimised URL structure and so on.

Are you aware that you have duplicate meta descriptions on most of your pages? It’s a possibility. Are your title tags over the recommended limit? Maybe. Do you use unique and accurate anchor text for internal pages? These are questions that you should have answers to. One of the biggest mistakes someone can make is not having Google Analytics in place. This allows you to stay on top of the on page optimisation and make adjustments to where the statistics point you.

Off page optimisation

Some of the best SEO practices in regards to off page optimisation refer to activities outside the boundaries of your webpage. Crucial elements such as link building, social media and mailing contribute towards this. Building up your profile and getting your name out there is often under valued. It is basically how other websites and users perceive that particular website.

Take advantage of backlinks. This can be something as simple as building a relationship with another company and have them link back to you. Do you know how many backlinks that you have? Find out! Build up authority for your site and you will start seeing results on search engines.

If you pay close attention to these elements then you are certainly following the SEO best practice

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