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We put our digital marketers ‘In the Spotlight’ to get the scoop on how they build successful online campaigns for our clients.

As online marketing (OM) specialists we make it our mission to ensure our clients get the maximum return on investment. We are firm believers that a dedicated online marketing team looking after your digital activity is the key to success in today’s consumer market. It’s the quickest way to ensure your brand, product or service is seen by your target audiences, drive traffic to your website and generate sales and enquiries.

When starting with new online marketing clients, our first job is always to build strong relationships and get an in-depth understanding of their business, which allows us to understand their audiences, business and objectives and help them achieve their goals with optimal efficiency. Whether it’s working on a one-off project, building an integrated digital campaign or implementing monthly online marketing activity to ensure your online presence is up to standard, we always employ great attention to detail and make use of our know-how to create a digital presence for our clients designed to engage new audiences and build loyal customers.

What does success look like for the team?

It’s a fantastic start on the journey towards success for the client’s website to look great (a given with the creatives at Spindogs!), but it’s here in the online marketing team that the magic happens once the site is launched. When we kick off an OM project, it’s all hands-on deck – we analyse our clients’ business objectives, build and configure KPIs and systems of measurement, and help develop creative strategies to make sure our clients get results.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our online marketing team gives search engines what they want – quality targeted websites packed full of content which is both unique and engaging, alongside implementing technical SEO strategies and off-site activity. We don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ SEO solutions of the past – our strategies take a long term approach, and are tailored exclusively to the client we’re working with. If you are looking to take control of your company’s online reputation and drive more visitors to your website, we are here to help.


Another area our team specialises in is creating bespoke pay-per-click campaigns based on your target audience and your goals. The campaigns we create incorporate a range of features – search advertising, display advertising, remarketing and Google Shopping campaigns are just some of our paid advertising strategies. As an official Google Partner, we have access to all the latest Google AdWords innovations as well as Google’s dedicated AdWords specialists for support.

Social Media

We help a range of businesses build social media advertising campaigns. Our digital campaign manager understands the different opportunities social platforms present and will work closely with you to identify the best choice of channel for your digital strategy. We understand what makes social media channels tick and can use detailed targeting to help you speak directly to diverse audiences with messages targeted specifically for them.


For all businesses, data is precious. We have a dedicated data guru who manages our clients’ data and creates performance reports. Being able to understand what audience you’re attracting, how they interact with your site and what is converting is crucial to generating more sales and leads from the visitors you’re driving to your site.


It’s our firm view that fresh and engaging content is the key to building trust in your expertise. In today’s digital environment of messaging oversaturation, you have to invest in content that both reflects the unique personality of your company and engages your audience in a manner that resonates with them and increases your relevance. Make sure you hit the mark with your messaging and produce quality content with the help of our in-house content team.

In short, if you’re looking to dramatically increase your website’s conversion rate and get your brand in front of more people, we’re your team!

Just some of the clients we’ve helped this year:

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Get in touch with our team to learn how we can help you take your online marketing to the next level.

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