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Infographics are a combination of written content, design and analysis, ideal for representing large volumes of data in a simpler and visually appealing way.  Infographics have become ever more popular recently – ever wondered why? Check out some of the key reasons why the visualization of data is so important, along with a new info graphic from the Spindogs team about our HQ!

Attention grabbing!

People respond more quickly and emotionally to visual content and with most people being bombarded with so many messages from different devices on a daily basis a great visual is more likely to grab their attention. Most people will decide to either leave a website, or go on to explore within 2-4 seconds of landing on it, so you have very little time to catch people’s attention. With so much information out there, you need to make your infographics stand out from all the other information!


Creating something which is appealing to the eye is more likely to engage a user. As people often have a low retention rate for what they read, only remembering approx. 20% , and with such a large volume of new content published every day, people are inundated. By creating something that is visually compelling, people are more likely to be engaged! People love facts and statistics, adding these to your infographic can give you some seriously addictive content!


Due to their attractiveness the capacity for infographics to be shared on social networks and become viral is much higher than plain text content. The information is in a format that is quickly absorbed, so with great share links on social media, its super easy for your so many people to digest the information you place in your infographic, just what you want!

Brand awareness

For a great brand awareness opportunity you can create an infographic that is embedded with your logo and branding.  Displaying this is a powerful means of creating a greater “Brand Awareness” for your company, and it is likely to start popping up across the internet!

For more information or to get a quote for your infographic give Spindogs a shout on 02920 480 720 or drop us a message below.


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