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With the Commonwealth Games less than six months away, Welsh Gymnastics want to gain as much support as possible for Gymnastics Team Wales. We are constantly looking to expand our audience base and encourage online activity with new and existing followers. It is important to us to be active on social media, making our content appealing and informative and aiming to make people feel part of Welsh Gymnastics’ progress.

Gymnastics has the advantage of being a dramatic visual sport popular with spectators where performances are exciting, elegant and breathtaking to watch. The popular online photo-sharing social networking service Instagram will be a key part of our PR campaign, covering countless competitions, events and documenting the countdown to Glasgow 2014.

Instagram allows us to offer exclusive “behind the scenes” content and tasters, allowing supporters and members to see the day to day life of both the gymnasts and those working within the organisation and gives the opportunity for those unable to attend events to gain an insight into various competitions and displays.

A huge advantage of Instagram is the ability to easily share pictures on a variety of other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, allowing us to share our work with the broadest audience possible. We encourage all the gymnastics community to share with us their pictures and become part of our online gallery.

This is a guest blog, written by Adele MacGregorWelsh Gymnastics.

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