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It may be something of a surprise but is actually one of the most viewed websites in the UK. probably generates more advertising revenue than a small Country* and its brand name sits within the top 10 brand index in the USA, Denmark, France, Germany and the UAE**.

See the problem with the internet when it launched is that computer addresses are hard to remember, technical looking and boring. This is where domains come in: just seems easier to remember than (in case you have not already checked – click on them both and they will take you to the same place).

Domains allow us to hide a forgettable list of numbers and instead allow us to promote something that is memorable and on brand.

In this series of blog posts we are going to look into domains and hopefully reveal that they are not as complicated as everyone seems to think. Stay tuned for Part 2!

*This is stated entirely for dramatic purposes and is not based on any fact whatsoever – although it is probably true.

** This is actually true –

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