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If you’ve been keeping up with our CMS breakdown, you know that Kentico is one of the preferred CMS platforms for web development.

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Alongside being one of the most popular .NET CMS platforms and offering a range of marketing capabilities, Kentico is also the only fully integrated Ecommerce ASP.NET CMS which allows retailers to optimise customer experience.

The well-rounded Ecommerce module offered by Kentico places control over design in your hands and allows you to integrate with third-party systems. Building a digital store and selling to international customers is made easy with Kentico E-commerce.

As your business and website grow, Kentico allows you to customise your checkout process to reflect these big picture changes in your customer experience. You can also personalise your advertising campaigns by integrating E-commerce with the online marketing module to create cohesive multi-channel campaigns tailored to your audience.

Below, we take a look at some of the top features of Kentico’s Ecommerce module and their many benefits:


With Kentico’s E-commerce discounts solution, you can manage your promotions in a way that entices customers without affecting your bottom line. Discounts allows you to increase customer purchases through upselling and cross-selling, as well as handle larger orders and monitor repeat visits.

Unlike other E-commerce modules, Kentico’s Discounts helps you configure your offer using predefined and custom rules. The end result is great value for money for your customers, and higher conversion rates for you.

Depending on the type of purchases you want to encourage, you can create a variety of different rule-based discounts, including volume discounts (buy 3 products and get 5% off), total order discounts (5% off when you spend over £25), specific product discounts (10% off for all sportswear/ January specials) and, of course, free shipping offers (free delivery when you spend over £40).

You can also create Gift Cards to share with customers as an additional incentive to make a purchase on your online store. The Kentico Gift Cards are easy to manage through the dedicated app, and can be used seamlessly as an alternative form of payment.

If you are feeling particularly generous, you can also build a checkout process that allows customers to apply multiple coupon codes whenever they make a purchase. The Discounts module will automatically calculate the total discount and reduce the price of the order.

Checkout process

Kentico’s E-commerce solution can also help you maximise conversions by creating a checkout process tailored to specific scenarios. Using drag and drop design elements, you can customise your checkout process to meet your business objectives.

The E-commerce module allows you to build a single-page checkout process featuring mobile payments, so your customers can access your offering from any device at any time. When integrated with the Online Marketing solution, Kentico E-commerce can help you convert abandoned carts into conversions by using tools such as personalisation, related products, automated shopping cart reminders and A/B testing.

Kentico also offers an E-commerce Business API which enables your developers to build more with less code, using a simplified version of E-commerce API calls to customise the E-commerce solution.

Product variants

If you’re selling products that come in different colours, size and style variations, you can manage your inventory using the Kentico E-commerce generator which automatically creates and configures product variants.

Configurable products can include price and a unique identifier such as a SKU (stock keeping unit) or stock inventory. This solution also allows your customers to tailor the appearance of the products during the checkout process.

Modular e-commerce framework

The modular approach of Kentico 11’s e-commerce functionality allows you to make adjustments to the framework quickly and efficiently using your own rules. All the E-commerce calculations happening behind the scenes are split into interconnected blocks that can be customised independently.

In other words, you can tailor the blocks relevant to your projects without compromising the entire e-commerce calculation process. Your dedicated developers can fine-tune each of Kentico 11’s 30+ blocks with all necessary calculations, including shopping cart, discounts and more. This way you can build the ultimate online shopping experience for your customers using bespoke functionalities.

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