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Its not so much the amount of links but the quality and relevance of the links. If you can increase the number of links from related websites or for example local business directories, usually you can expect to see an increase in visitors to your website as well as improved search engine positions.

Here are a few different ways of generating fresh links to your website:

Online Networking – Blogging and Forums are the 2 most obvious methods. By taking part in online social networks you can generate additional links when posting your comments which will also help to generate a virtual network of associates that will visit your site. An example of one that I use is the This is very relative to the industry that Spindogs serve and allows me to post content onto the internet regarding advice I might require as well as helping people with their problems. is a great resource for this type of link building and also has facilities to post Marketplace Ads to generate traffic to your site and build contacts within the network. In my experience this has a positive effect on your search engine ranking to!

Exchanging Links – this method consists of finding websites, preferably ones with contents that compliments your own, and contacting them to try and exchange links (exchange meaning if they provide a link you provide a ‘reciprocal’ link back to their website). The 1st port of call here would be to associates, suppliers, and clients.

Paid Links – This is probably the easiest method to gain links to your website as you can normally find a host of website offering paid directory listings or links to your website. If you buy advertising space with the likes of yell, scoot, or 118 as well as the benefit of having an advert within the directory you can get a link to your website to help increase your websites traffic.

Email Footers – A really obvious one but simply adding your website to the base of every email that you send out can help to increase the amount of people visiting your website. If you have a blog or latest news feature why not be a little more creative and add the latest news titles to the base of your email as links.

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