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It’s the mission of our in-house Client Support Team to ensure each of our clients gets the best from their support package with Spindogs. The people who make that magic happen are Kirsty Jones, Jennifer Jones (Jen) and Hannah Williams. We cornered them for a cup of tea and a chat…

What services do the Support Team provide at Spindogs?

Jen: One of the key roles of the Support Team is to help clients after their website has gone live. Whether they would like to schedule an update, ask a question about their website, have a training refresh or need some marketing advice then we’re here to help!

We log all of our requests in a bespoke ticket system that we built in-house. When a request is raised, we assess its urgency and, if necessary, book out the time of a specialist team member to resolve the issue. We test the finished work and liaise with our client to make sure they are happy that everything has been resolved.

Hannah: Before a website is launched, we put it through a rigorous Go Live process with our IT Team (they are honorary support team members) to ensure it’s running as it should be. This involves Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics set up, form testing, removal and redirect from the old site and Google Page Speed testing to ensure the website is running at optimal speeds.

Kirsty: We also work very closely with our dedicated IT team who assist with highly technical requests. They also monitor our server activity to make sure our websites are kept up and running, and will perform ongoing routine security and maintenance updates.

Your team also provides training sessions, what do you offer?

Jen: We offer WordPress training sessions for everyone who would like an overview of the WordPress platform. This includes uploading and editing content, an overview of the media library, adding users, updating the navigation and adding new pages. These sessions are offered to everyone.

Kirsty: We offer foundational training in Google Analytics, including audience insight and analysis, creating and tracking website goals and account management.

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What are some of the most common queries the Client Support Team receive?

Hannah: One of the most common concerns is an overload of spam submissions through website forms. Spam is, unfortunately, something that goes hand in hand with an online presence and the best thing that we can recommend is adding a Google Captcha to the form, where the user verifies a checkbox before hitting submit.

Kirsty: Another frequently asked query is copying and pasting content from another site into the CMS. If you copy and paste content into the text area within the CMS, then you may unintentionally be pasting in some conflicting font styling, which may override the custom website styling and look different to the rest of the content on the page. To avoid this we would recommend typing your content directly into the content area of the website. Or alternatively, you can clear the text formatting by using the “Clear Formatting” option in the content area.

Hannah: Sometimes clients tell us their Google Map is not displaying correctly on their website. It may be displaying an error message or telling the client to “see the JavaScript console for technical details”. Recently Google has changed the way that they allow people to use Google Maps and its associated features within websites, meaning that websites that are using a Google service (e.g. Maps) will need to have their own account and billing details. If we host your website and you are seeing this error message then please get in touch with the support team and we will be more than happy to talk you through the steps to resolve this.

Kirsty, as our fantastic Client Support Team Leader, walk us through a typical Monday on support at Spindogs.

Kirsty: Get in, get a tea/coffee to start the day, sometimes make breakfast. I start the day at 9am with the Spindogs’ team scrum, where client facing teams meet to catch up and update on what’s happening that week such as a new site going live.

Back to my desk to check the support inbox for anything that’s come in overnight or early morning. The team and I then work through getting these emails into our ticket system and booked in with the Development Team where necessary.

I will then jump on the weekly ops call to discuss what’s coming up that week and schedule work across the teams. After that, it’s about time for another cup of tea!

Once I’ve had my second morning brew, I jump into a weekly support call between the Support Team and operations, technical and development heads to discuss the progress of queries and flag any issues with resolving tickets.

Then… lunch!

I spend the rest of the day working through the ticket system, sending out any updates to clients, logging new tickets and providing support to Jen and Hannah. I will also check the list of upcoming SSL Certificate renewals and either get quotes sent out to clients or book time in with the IT team to renew them.

What’s your proudest professional achievement?

Jen: Graduating from Cardiff Met with a BA Hons in Graphic Communication. This degree has proved to be extremely useful working within a creative agency as it’s given me a broad knowledge of web/print design, layouts, typography and image editing. Studying design has also helped me to apply creative thinking when solving technical issues and to apply my skills in an area in which I have a passion and a genuine interest.

Hannah: Although going from working in an advertising and creative comms environment, the jump to a digital marketing and web development company was massive for a newbie in the industry, but I’m glad I took the plunge! Working here is the best – It’s a family. My proudest achievement to date is balancing a full-time apprenticeship in a creative advertising agency with studying for my higher diploma in Marketing Communications and Advertising.

Kirsty: Becoming the Client Support Team Leader and line manager for Hannah and Jen. I started at Spindogs just over 3 years ago as a Client Support Team Assistant. Over the years I have worked hard at developing my skills in the digital industry and it has been a rewarding process.

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