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It’s coming to the end of summer, back to school time and on Pinterest it’s a second New Year as searches like ‘positivity’, ‘goal setting’ and ‘routine all spike. The beginning of the year is the traditional time for searches surrounding improving positivity, finances and planning for the future, but Pinterest data shows that this type of search has a second surge around the end of the summer. A recent global survey commissioned by Pinterest showed that 57% of adult Americans look for ways to ‘maintain their positive summer mindset’ as the autumn rolls around. Enid Hwang, the Culture and Community manager at Pinterest commented:

Over the years, we’ve seen the end of summer become a distinct and significant moment on Pinterest when people want to make personal changes to refresh their routines, set goals, get organised and most importantly, stay positive.’  

Pinterest has named this phenomenon getting ‘Back to Life’, as Pinners use the beginning of autumn as an opportunity for a new start.

So, what are the Top Searches for Autumn 2019?

Life Organisation

Life organisation is up 78% during this year’s ‘Back to Life’ Moment, with people looking to get organized with searches like ‘organisation videos’ (+230%) helping people declutter their homes for the start of the autumn, while others are looking to do their bit saving the planet with searches like  ‘sustainable lifestyle’ (+108%) increasing as people look for sustainable fashion and beauty products or a more eco-friendly home.

Feel Good Routines

Self-care is another area that spikes at the end of the summer as people look to start healthy habits for the winter. Areas such as ‘productive day routine’ (+180%) and ‘morning routine’ (161%) have had a boost, while a new trend, ‘drinks for clear skin’ has had searches up 140%. Pinterest’s survey showed that over half of Americans taking part wanted to start healthier habits at the beginning of autumn, with 42% wanting to eat more healthily, 36% planning to exercise more and 36% looking to start taking care of their bodies.


This year, body positivity has spiked with searches like ‘acne positivity’, ‘stretch marks positivity’ and ‘cellulite positivity’ all trending. People using Pinterest have also been looking for ways to maintain a positive mindset as searches such as ‘inspirational poetry quotes,’ (+650%), ‘healthy mindset’ (+71%) and ‘positive quotes to live by’ (+279) are all up.

Goal Setting

For many, the beginning of autumn is a time to look forward, and people using Pinterest are searching for help ‘career planning’ (+101%) and ‘life goals’ (+81%). Others are looking to start their ‘Dream house plans’ (+669%) or help on how to achieve their ‘travel dreams’ (+2178%).

So, according to Pinterest its time to embrace a second chance at a new you!

If you’re looking for a fresh start or a more positive mindset this autumn, then Pinterest may have some suggestions for you.

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