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About a month ago I received something quite exciting in the post. Spindogs had sent through an invitation to join them for a series of charity networking events which they had called “Ladies Who Golf” in order to raise money for Velindre.  I was hopeful this didn’t mean they expected me to be able to knock out a quick 9 holes in a lunchtime, and thankfully, they didn’t. Instead, I’ve joined a group of similarly skilled ladies who hope to tip the gender imbalance on the golf course. Yesterday evening we had our second lesson.

claire golf 5 – Spindogs

As with any skill, becoming a pro doesn’t happen in two weeks and the gentlemen need not worry yet. I can say that even over two lessons we’ve seen some definite improvements and our tutor Gareth at Cottrell Park has endless patience. I finished the first lesson declaring to my colleagues that I was pleased to have even hit a few, and after the second lesson last night a few Spindogs branded balls spent the evening well past the 50m line on the driving range!

As it turns out, a good knowledge of pub quiz golf terms does not make for an exhaustive list of golf vocabulary. None of us knew we’d be working on our ‘one piece takeaway’ and we all looked totally bemused when told we’d be playing ‘nearest the pin’ – we could only see a flag!

claire golf – Spindogs

I’m optimistic about the new few weeks’ lessons, but, whatever handicap I emerge with (!), the ladies I’ve met have been fantastic and there’s nothing quite like finishing the working day with a brisk walk on the golf course!