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Everybody loves a comeback story and in true Rocky fashion serif and display fonts have comeback punching in a big way recently. We’ve seen them explode in the design world bubble in the last 2 years, being used in the most daring and bold projects.

Now though, like all trends, we’re starting to see them trickle down into the wider spread world.

Serif Image 1 – Spindogs

Why now?

Well, for those not old enough to remember it, the web wasn’t always the all singing, all dancing entity it is today. Back in the days of huge coloured iMacs and Windows XP, screen resolutions weren’t that great and web technology was even worse. Font choices were limited and if you wanted to use a serif font (because you were classy like that) it wouldn’t render well, leaving you squinting to read it. So cleaner san serif fonts were preferred for their more legible properties.

Fast forward

Today, high resolution screens are the norm and font technology on the web has drastically advanced in the last few years. This has led to designers having their heads turned by options of serif and display fonts. Add to the pot a comeback of 90s design trends and we’re starting to see more and more experimental typography in the digital design world.

Serif Image 2 – Spindogs

Gone are the days of picking the closest font to match the brand on web and apps. We’re now armed with tech that allows the brands to be kept consistent across all digital platforms and touchpoints. As a result, we’re starting to see designers challenge their clients with bolder type choices and the brands brave enough to go along with it are starting to stand out above the sea of sans serif fonts.

Serif Image 3 – Spindogs

Serif Image 4 – Spindogs

Here are a few of our favourite serif typefaces.

Serif Image 5 – Spindogs

So be prepared to see a lot more serif typography in branding and design as it’s well and truly on the rise!

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