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Spindogs announced as an Umbraco Contributing Gold Partner

Umbraco have announced their list of Contributing Gold Partners for 2021 and Spindogs have been named as one of the 13 new partners added to the list for 2021. And we could not have been recognised for this badge if it was not for the four hard working Umbraco developers, here at Spindogs, who have given their time and expertise to contribute to the Umbraco Community.

What is a Contributing Gold Partner?

The Contributing Gold Partner status is like a most valuable player badge, but for agencies.  It is given to Gold Partners of Umbraco whose employees go above and beyond to support the growth of the Umbraco open-source project and it’s community.

The Umbraco Community

The Umbraco Community is a group of individuals from around the world who give their time, passion and energy to contribute to the community in a variety of ways. From joining community teams to contributing to the Umbraco open-source, writing blogs and joining events, meetups and festivals to share their knowledge and learnings, the Umbraco Community is at the centre of what makes Umbraco what it is today.

Umbraco celebrates their hardworking community by recognising contributing individuals as MVPs (most valuable people) and we are fortunate to have two four-times Umbraco MVPs working in the Spindogs team; Nik and Owain, who are also Umbraco Certified Masters. We also have 2 team members; Sian and Damien, who are Umbraco Certified Experts.

Our team members are not only certified but they are also part of the Umbraco Backoffice, Core Collaborators and Packages teams. They give their time to answer questions on the Umbraco forum, Slack and Discord and contribute code to the Umbraco open-source.

What Contributing Gold Partner means for Spindogs and our clients

To be recognised as a Contributing Gold Partner means Umbraco have recognised the Spindogs team as Gold partners that have gone the extra mile. As a company we have actively encouraged our team to be involved in projects and allowed them dedicated time during their day to help them upskill and contribute to the Umbraco community.

For our clients it means you are working with an Umbraco Gold Partner who actively helps improve the Umbraco software and help support the Umbraco Community. We have a team of Umbraco experts who are working with Umbraco to ensure the Umbraco CMS is evolving and developing and it gives us more in-depth insight into Umbraco to hopefully ensure future developments will benefit our development team and our clients.

Umbraco shared what Emily Harris, our Marketing Manager, had to say about the news in their announcement;

“We’re honoured to be awarded the Contributing Gold Partner badge. We encourage our teams to be actively involved in projects and allow dedicated time during their work day to help them upskill and contribute to the community. Our team members are part of the Umbraco Backoffice, Core Collaborators, and Packages teams. They respond to questions on the Umbraco forum, Slack, and Discord, and both contribute and merge PRs into the Umbraco open-source core. In addition, ‘The Spindogs Umbraco Initiative’ is a collaborative effort we support for our team to write articles, develop packages (both internal and open-source), and test Umbraco features. Beyond the work we do at Spindogs, we’re committed to helping our team to learn, grow and develop.”

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