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We are now an Umbraco Partner

We are pleased to announce that Spindogs are now a certified Umbraco partner which means our Umbraco CMS offering is officially accredited. This gives another exciting string to our bow and nicely complements the existing range of systems and platforms that we develop with.

We’ve added this new expertise to the number of collective skills and digital expertise we employ to make sure we provide our clients with the best possible service through a mixture of latest technology and inventive design solutions.

At the end of April we invited Ismail Mayat an official Umbraco Trainer to Spindogs HQ to train a group of our web developers, project managers and support team in Umbraco CMS. During our training sessions, we completed the four key courses offered by Umbraco – below we give you a quick overview of each one, including its target audiences and prerequisites.


The Umbraco Fundamentals Training targeted both developers, project managers and support staff who want to take advantage of the best practices and latest features of Umbraco in their work. This part of the course extended our knowledge in the Umbraco Back Office, how best to utilise its features for both our use (without making compromise on the design or markup) and the clients (creating functionality which benefits day-to-day work).

MVC and Visual Studio

The MVC and Visual Studio course ensured that our developers are able to apply MVC patterns and best practices, build advanced applications on top of Umbraco and take advantage of Umbraco’s support for advanced actions. During the MVC and Visual Studio module our developers learnt how to extend the Umbraco CMS with their existing skill set (.Net, c# and Visual Studio).

Extending the Umbraco Backoffice

This part of the course taught our developers how to take advantage of all the Umbraco backoffice has to offer, including implementing personal editing components, replacing existing elements with custom implementations and creating custom applications and editors.

Application Integration

The Umbraco Application Integration course trains MVC Developers how to connect 3rd party applications with the CMS and integrate 3rd party data and business logic with Umbraco. This training was great for our developers whose work will involve the integration of outside applications and services on the CMS – it has provided them with the expertise to combine Umbraco’s templating & content with external functionality and weigh the benefits of different implementation choices.

After each module we were required to take an exam in order to achieve certification points for that module. Our in-house developers passed with flying colours and we are now set to offer our clients the expertise of front and back-end developers who know Umbraco inside-out.

If you’d like to learn more how Umbraco can help your business or organisation, visit our dedicated Umbraco page.

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