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We have some thrilling news – if you follow us on social media, you might have already seen us celebrate winning Silver for Agency of the Year at this year’s UK Employee Experience Awards. If you want to know more about the awards and why we’re so excited about winning, read on for the essentials:

EXAgroup – Spindogs

What’s the UK Employee Experience Awards 2018?

Created to recognise and celebrate companies, teams and individuals invested in achieving excellent employee experience, The UK Employee Experience Awards serve as a vehicle for sharing best HR practice across industries.

The awards provide the option for open finalist presentations during which successful businesses will have the opportunity to share their strategies for continuous improvement, learning and personal development with the event attendees.

What did the EXA judges say?

The Employee Experience Awards’ categories are judged by panels of independent business professionals. Here’s what they had to say about Spindogs:

“The Spindogs team’s presentation was really inspiring, upbeat and full of positive energy. It was evident even before they began that their team morale is strong, and they enjoy a fantastic working environment. The competition on the day was tough, but the judges could tell from both their entry and live presentation that the company cares a lot about its employees, and the staff are truly engaged and supported in their roles. The presentation was very insightful and enjoyable to watch, and it was fantastic to see that employee experience has had such a great impact on the business itself!”

Rachel Lively, Marketing Manager, Awards International


What we do for the amazing Spindogs team?

We are firm believers that our people are our business, so we are constantly striving to improve the employee experience for both our HQ staff and our remote workers in ways big and small. Some of the many ways we look after our awesome team include:

  • Culture Club: Representatives of the different departments across the company assemble every week to come up with after work events and treats for our team, as well as discuss any wider issues to do with spreading and maintaining the Spindogs company culture. From coffee runs and movie nights to integrating our remote staff, the Culture Club activities are designed to boost morale and show appreciation across teams.
  • Team Socials: We make sure all our team members work well together and have fun through organising a variety of socials. Focused on developing different skills – from pizza making and solving murders to escape rooms and athletic endeavours – to encouraging everyone to bond through working together, our team socials are always something our staff looks forward to.
  • Warm Welcome: All our new starters are greeted with a welcome pack which a personalised welcome letter, seating plans and stationary, as well as a personalised mug, and encouraged to pick a postcard to add to our collection. We also schedule 1-2-1 meetings so new staff members can get to know the team, as well as welcome drinks in a more relaxed after-work environment, where we can really bust out our dance moves.
  • Wellbeing & Support: At HQ, we are dedicated to looking after our team’s wellbeing, both professionally and personally. Staff members are encouraged to develop and upskill, and provided with internal training and recognition for their successes. We also run mindfulness sessions with Fresh Air Fridays, and treat our team to free massages to keep everyone in top-shape.

Why the Agency of the Year EXA Award is so important for us?

Here at Spindogs, we take great care to make sure all our team members are happy and feel supported, both in their job roles and outside of work hours! For us, Employee Experience is not just one initiative, it’s our culture. To have been awarded Silver in Agency of the Year for Employee Experience means our efforts have been recognised across industries.

RhiEXA – Spindogs

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