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We won’t deny it – we LOVE YouTube, vimeo and all other websites and channels that provide us with awesome video content. Indeed, we are video addicts here at Spindogs HQ. With this in mind, we are naturally very excited to share with you our favourite videos from 2014 – from classic ‘LOL’ and ‘ROFL’ videos to ones which may even bring a tear to your eye, here you have it, some Spindogs favourite videos from 2014 – enjoy!

1. Minion song – Despicable Me 2

This definitely wins the cute factor for us – the big eyes and dance moves won the heart of our Account Director, Claire Swindell.


2. Benny Greb plays Spongebob Drums

Our web developer Wes Packer is a big fan of German drummer Benny Greb! Naturally seeing a prolific drummer beating it out on a Spongebob drumkit was more than amusing! (fast forward to 20 seconds in – long intro!)


3. A Little Respect

Great choice from our front end developer Lee Burnell – if anyone hates the cold disconnected feeling you get when on the tube, check this out. Neil Francis, an Erasure fan, starts a sing-a-long on a tube platform following an Erasure concert – we love you Neil!


 4. Homeless man wins the lottery

Heart wrencher alert! Here we see a prank being made on a homeless man who is led to believe he has won $1000 on a lotto ticket that was given to him – his reaction is sure to pull on your heart strings! A top pick from our UX Architect, Lucinda Reid.


5. Real life action kid?

A favourite from our support coordinator, Angharad Yates! Here we see ‘Action Movie Kid’ – his father has edited real life scenarios and transformed them into epic adventure shots.


 6. For the love of DOG!

Dog lover, Olivia Farrell, our account manager fell in love with this video showing the relationship humans and animals can have – cute!


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