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Spindogs Football Shirts


To celebrate our 10th birthday in August we set a goal of raising £10,000 for charities this year. Our team has been involved in all sorts of fundraising efforts, our latest being a football match against our clients Amber Energy!

Team Spindogs will play Amber Energy at the Cardiff City House of Sport on Tuesday July 21st in order to raise money for Cardiff Dogs Home.

If you would like to donate to this fantastic cause, please do so via our BT My Donate Event Page

The Spindogs all time Premier League dream team

To get us in the mood we voted for our favourite players from the Premier League era to create our all time Premier League dream team!

Spindogs Premier League Dream Team

Goal Keeper:

Peter Schmeichel
(Man United: 1991-1999, Aston Villa: 2001-2002 & Man City: 2002-2003)


Gary Neville
(Man United: 1992-2011)

Rio Ferdinand
(West Ham: 1996-2000, Leeds: 2000-2002 & Man United: 2002-2014, QPR: 2014-2015)

John Terry
(Chelsea: 1998-present)

Ashley Cole
(Arsenal: 1998-2006, Chelsea: 2006-2014)


Cristiano Ronaldo
(Man United: 2003-2009)

Cesc Fabregas
(Arsenal: 2003-2011 & Chelsea: 2014-present)

Steven Gerrard
(Liverpool: 1998-2015)

Gareth Bale
(Tottenham: 2007-2013)


Alan Shearer
(Blackburn: 1992-1996, Newcastle: 1996-2006)

Thierry Henry
(Arsenal: 1999-2007 & 2012)


Sir Alex Ferguson
(Man United: 1986-2013)

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