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This July the app world is showing their competitive spirit as they are constantly trying to outdo their rivals. In other news, we spent most of July working on our very own digital project! All will be revealed very soon…

1. MeowChat is the new must-have app

We always like to keep an eye on the latest apps and we were intrigued to see that Meowchat had managed to reach the top of the download charts this month.

The app was launched last year and has steadily grown in popularity with its ability to support photo and audio messaging. Sound like something you already use? Well, this isn’t the first time that it has been compared to apps like Whatsapp, however that doesn’t appear to be effecting downloads.

Maybe it is the ‘Random Chat’ feature, which allows users to connect with strangers, that makes this a little less familiar?

Download MeowChat here!

2. Xbox One debuts in China

There was some exciting news for gamers in China this month, as it was revealed that the Xbox One would be sold in the country for the first time.

This makes the Xbox the first games console to be sold in China for 14 years, as they stopped sales of games consoles in 2000. It will be released on 23rd September and gamers will be able to play everything from Zoo Tycoon to Halo: Master Chief Collection.

Gamers in China will be spoilt for choice!

3. iPhone 6 rumours increase

The next iPhone is as hotly anticipated as the last so it’s not surprising that people have been discussing the latest rumours throughout July. It is believed the smartphone will come in two sizes, 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, and the screen will be extended across the width of the device. This means that the iPhone 6 will have quite a dramatic visual change.

Internally it will also be improved with the latest operating system iOS 8 and may enable users to monitor their health and fitness and even control home appliances.

Of course it is up to you to believe which rumours will become a reality!

4. Twitter versus Whatsapp

In the next few weeks Twitter will be unveiling their improved direct messaging tool which will have features to compete with its rival Whatsapp.

The tool will work like a chat application so that Twitter can improve the fluidity between their public and private conversations. This is clearly an improvement on their present direct messaging service because users are currently restricted to 140 characters.

See what we mean about apps finding their competitive spirit?

5. Bark Magazine is launched!

July might have been all about the latest apps and iPhones but we have also had some tech news from Spindogs HQ!

On 1st August we are celebrating our 10th birthday and to mark the occasion we are unveiling our first digital magazine, BARK. The magazine features exciting interviews with our clients, a social media expert and we find out how Spindogs began all those years ago.

We wonder what tech news we will be discussing in the next 10 years..?

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