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September was a very busy month for the world of technology as one of the most hyped releases was finally revealed to the public. Apple undoubtedly dominated the news, but there were also some interesting developments from the other tech giants…

1. Apple releases its eighth generation iPhone

After months of rumours, many of which we have discussed at length here at HQ, the iPhone 6 and 6 plus were revealed at an event in California. Visually this model looked different, with its rounded more slimmer body at only 6.9mm wide. It was also slightly heavier at 129g and had a 4.7 inch LED back-lit display.

These visual differences were joined by some new technical features, including better battery life, more interactive notifications, third-party keyboard support and the new iOS 8!

Unsurprisingly the iPhone 6 sold out quickly, but luckily some of us did manage to snap it up! A review will be coming soon!

2. Wearable technology gains momentum

September was a very exciting month for Apple as they also revealed the iWatch. The Watch, which will work seamlessly with the latest iPhones, will be released in 2015 and is currently priced at $349. We will have to wait a bit longer to know the UK pricing!

Tim Cook described this piece of wearable technology as the, “Most personal device we’ve ever created,” at the Apple event in California. He then went on to describe how this Watch would enrich people’s lives and change the way they communicate.

These are confident statements and it will be interesting to see if people are receptive to a piece of technology that challenges a traditional timepiece.

 3. Google Parkinson’s patients

In a move which follows its desire to contribute to health technology, Google has bought a biotech company that has created a spoon to help people suffering from Parkinson’s.

The spoon contains sensors which manage to detect and cancel out tremors by as much as 70%. It has been developed by Lift Labs and uses a similar technology to the image stabilisation in cameras.

Now that Google is working with Lift Labs they hope to reach more people that could benefit from this amazing device.

4. Ello to a new form of social network

There is a new social network on the web and it isn’t afraid of Facebook. In fact, it prides itself on the fact that it is very different from Mark Zuckerberg’s network.

Ello was founded by Paul Budnitz because he wanted to create something that was ad-free, invite only and minimalist. This means that users can only join the network by being invited by existing users and then agreeing to a list of values. If you decline, Ello transfers you to Facebook!

The network looks like a simplistic version of Tumblr where users can share photos and chat to friends in a space without ads. An interesting idea, but will it manage to overthrow its competitors?

Find Ello here.

5. Kindle goes unlimited

For any book lovers this must be a dream come true! It was announced this month that Amazon will launch its Kindle Unlimited ebooks subscription service in the UK! This was made available in the US in July and now we get a chance to join this exciting service.

Similar to packages such as Netflix, the user can pay £7.99 a month which entitles them to unlimited access to more than 650,000 ebooks. To make the decision even easier, Kindle is offering a 30-day free trial to anyone wanting to try the service.

With so much choice, it must be hard to know what to read first!

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