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The techy world changes quicker than we can say, “Spindogs”, so we have created a handy list of the news you might have missed…

1.   Heartbleed made the internet look vulnerable

Heartbleed has been named as one of the biggest security issues to face the internet. It emerged in early April and existed in a piece of open source software called OpenSSL. This software codes the communication between a user’s computer and a web server and meant that the bug could affect approximately half a million sites.

Everyone was urged to change their passwords to prevent the bug obtaining their personal information.

2.   Facebook continued its domination by introducing newswire

Facebook has continued their campaign for world domination. Now it has been revealed that the social media giant has now joined forces with Storyful to create a resource called Newswire.

This will make it easier to find, share and embed newsworthy content from Facebook and will be particularly useful for journalists who are writing breaking news stories. This development illustrates how Facebook is hoping to be a source of timely information.

3.   The winners of the 2014 Webby Awards were announced

Forget the Oscars and Brit Awards, now is the time for technology to be acknowledged. The 2014 Webby Awards, which were established in 1996 to recognise the excellence of the internet, announced their winners at the end of April. Here are some of the highlights:

Best Social Application- Tumblr

Best Use of Mobile- Vine

Best Business Blog- Mashable

Best Use of Interactive Video- Pharrell Williams

Although we now know who the winners are, the actual Awards show will be hosted on the 19th May. At least this means that everybody will have time to write a good speech!

4.   Infrared sensors could make us see in the dark

Researchers have developed a new technology which could enable us to see in the dark, without needing to eat lots of carrots. They have created an infrared sensor which has the ability to produce night vision contact lenses.

This is an exciting piece of technology which could benefit the scientific community significantly. Plus, we have always wanted a superpower.

5.  The umbrella was transformed into a gadget

As our HQ is in Cardiff we are all too familiar with a sudden downpour! So when we saw that the umbrella had been given a techy makeover we wanted to know more.

One of the inventions is called the Upbrella which extends above others so that it keeps you dry and prevents any awkward encounters with other umbrellas. Another has been designed to tell you the weather forecast by its handle and one is even hands free.

Surely this can only lead to more good hair days?


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