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Whether you’ve got a great new website and you’re ready to populate it with new content, or you’re looking to review and improve your current website content, there are some best practice guidelines we always recommend. Search performance can be greatly affected by what content you add and how you add it. Implementing some of the following technical guidelines will certainly help you be found online.

Use your keyword map as the basis for your content creation activities

If you choose to amend the focus keyword while writing (it’s not always an exact science when planning in advance) then make sure it doesn’t compete with one of your other pages and update the map accordingly.

Use the focus keyword in the most important areas

Include your focus keywords in the page title, meta description, H1 and within first 100 words of content

  • Include the semantic alternatives throughout the body content.

Bitesize your content

Break up your copy using lesser H tags (H2’s H3s etc.) to make it easier to read.

Don’t scrimp on copy

Try to not have pages that are less than 300 words as this is classed as ‘thin’ content. • If writing blog posts, 600+ words perform better which is known as ‘long form’ content. If you can stretch to 1,500 words or more, then even better!

Include a table of contents

When writing long-form content, consider the inclusion of an anchor-linked Table of Contents so that readers can jump to a specific part of the page when reading.

Talk subjectively

In many instances writing in the abstract about a subject area can increase the authority of the page.

Make use of website design functions

On category or top-level pages, a good way to include more content is through accordions or tabs at the bottom of the page which really benefits SEO.

Include CTAs

Make sure each page has at least one call to action or internal link.

Build internal links

Take advantage of your content by linking to other relevant landing pages by turning keywords into hyperlinks – don’t go crazy though, only a handful per page is necessary.


While writing content for your website can become a chore for many, Spindogs’ content team is always on hand to write content for you!

Take advantage of Spindogs’ expert content team. We cover the following services and more:

  • Content audits
  • Keyword research and mapping
  • Website content
  • Blogging
  • Tone of voice development
  • Style guides

If you’d like help with any of our content writing services, why not get in touch below? We’d love to hear from you!

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